張中漢 (Nathan Chang)

Passionate about software and magic, both of which need one to collaborate with partners and fascinate the audiences, I am Nathan Chang, a fresh graduate born in California and raised in Taiwan, eager to solve problems and make it a better world with the help of technology.

Software Engineer, Backend Developer, Machine Engineer, DevOps Engineer
[email protected]


National Taiwan University | Taipei, TW | Sep2016 – Jun2021 

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science & Information Engineering

‣ Studied in ML, NLP, Business Analytics and worked in the NLP lab.
‣ Took NTU presentation courses and excelled in workshops and contests.


Software Engineer at SoopahGenius, Inc. | Seattle, WA | Aug2020 – Feb2022

‣ Develop stream highlight and navigation features, including chat interactions detection, audio analysis and game events detection.

‣ Develop video clip editing web service for live streamers, enabling users to do raw cut on the browser, including text overlay, blank screen insertion and clips concatenation.

‣ Generalize the workflow for YouTube and Twitch streams, doubling our active users from different countries.

‣ Build scalable cloud infrastructure and CI/CD workflow, deploy and configure AWS services for our features.

Nextlinx Technology, Cloud Engineer Intern, Mar 2020 ~ Jun 2020

‣ Collaborate with colleagues and develop configuration management tool that transforms customers’ infrastructure into version-controled codes with using Terraform and Ansible.


Development: Python、Golang、Javascript、C、DjangoReact.js

Machine Learning Library: Pytorch、GensimNLTKOpenCVLibrosaSKlearn

Cloud & DevOps: AWS、GitHub、Docker、Terraform、Travis CI、Ansible

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