張中漢 (Nathan Chang)

I’m Nathan, a motivated, sociable and diligent fresh graduate who majored in Computer Science and have shown huge passion, leadership and creativity in contests, extracurricular activities and side projects. 

I enjoy bonding, collaborating and sharing stories or experiences with others, and I am interested in machine learning, data science and software development, eager to solve problems and make it a better world with the help of technology. Last but not least, I'm also an amateur magician!

Software Engineer, Backend Developer, Machine Engineer, DevOps Engineer
[email protected]


NTU, Computer Science and Information Engineering, 2016 ~ 2021

‣ Studied in ML, NLP, IR, Business Analytics and worked in the NLP lab 
‣ Admitted to NTU presentation courses and excelled in presentation contest


SoopahGenius, Inc. Software Engineer, Aug 2020 ~ Now

‣ Proactive features development based on NLP and CV 
‣ Real-time editing and labeling features for video live streams 
‣ Machine learning models training, tuning and deploying 
‣ Scalable cloud architecture and pipeline with blue-green deployment

Nextlinx Technology, Cloud Engineer Intern, Mar 2020 ~ Jun 2020

‣ Work with colleagues and develop DevOps projects, enhancing existing workflow 

‣ Assist in solving customers' problems and optimizing cloud architecture


Development: C、Python、Golang、React Native、Django、Gin、Javascript

Machine Learning: Text Mining、Natural Language Processing、Computer Vision、Pytorch

Cloud & DevOps: AWS、GitHub、Docker、Terraform、Travis CI、Ansible

Else: Magic Performance

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