A Nayan Varma 


PES University, Bangalore, Karnataka

[email protected]

I am an ML enthusiast eager to contribute to team success through hard work, attention to detail, and organizational skills. I am a problem solver by nature and enjoy challenging tasks. I have a clear understanding of machine learning and deep learning in the field of AI. I am always motivated to learn, grow and excel to leave my mark in the field of AI.

Aiming to leverage creative thinking, leadership, and research skills to successfully fill the role. Frequently praised as hard-working by my peers, I can be relied upon by you to achieve all your goals.


  AWS       Pytorch and Tensorflow      Python      Deep Learning      Computer Vision   

  DBMS      Information Retrieval      Natural Language processing   

  Human-Computer Interaction     Hadoop      C     Algorithms  


   Telugu      English      Hindi      German - Deutsch  


Image Crypto and Steganography

Sending encrypted key-based data securely in images.

Automated Image Captioning

Captioning of daily images using an attention model.

Machine Translation

English to French translation system using transformers and LSTM's

Recommender System

Predicting movies based on a collaborative and context-based recommender system for the IMDb dataset.

Semantic Segmentation of faces

Segmentation of faces in images using semantic analysis.

Hand gesture recognition for mouse cursor

Cursor movement using hand and click using eye blink.

Go-Lang Compiler

Used Flex and Lex for creating a go-lang Compiler

Hosted Website for Gaming

A website with 120 games, like Super Mario, Dinasour, etc

Indian Sign language Translation

A boon to the Deaf and Dumb community we plan to make an automated ISL translator application the first of its kind for the automated gesture and sign language recognition


Work Experience

Intern  •  Rainet Pvt Limited

May 2021 - August 2021

Worked on many projects, like Rasa chatbot development (Arabic), Data handling, OCR for Aadhar and Pan Card , transformer-based emotion classification system


PES University, Bangalore

Bachelor's in Technology - CSE

2018 -  Present

Narayana Junior College, Visakhapatnam

Junior College ( Intermediate )

2015 - 2017

Timpany Senior Secondary School, Visakhapatnam

Matriculation - 10th

2014- 2015


  • Microsoft Techincal Associate - Python
  • Coursera - Applied Data Science Specialization - UMich
  • Coursera - Deep Learning Specialization - Deeplearning.AI

  • GUVI (PadhAI) - Deep learning  and AI Specialization
  • Tensorflow Specialization Certificate
  • Coursera - GAN'S Specialization - Deep learning
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