Neil Wei

● Tech Lead in DevOps

● Experienced in Backend development. (Go, Python)

Email: [email protected] | M: 0933-917149

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Familiar with scalable service design and implementation

Language: Go, Python

Database: MySQL, MongoDB, Redis


Familiar with DevOps culture implementation

CI/CD tool chains including:

Docker / git / CICD / CloudFormation / Terraform

Production service operation

Incident management / Alert system design

Cloud Service(AWS)

Familiar with Architecting on AWS / Best practice on AWS

Database: RDS, ElastiCache 

Deployment: CloudFormation, OpsWorks 

Storage/CDN: S3, CloudFront

Computing: Lambda, EC2, ECS (Fargate)

Message: SNS, SQS 

Monitoring: CloudWatch, Metrics/Events/Logs 

Networking: ELB/ALB, Route53, VPC

Work Experience

Ubiquiti Inc., Feb 2020 ~ present

Sr. Backend/DevOps Engineer

● Developing and operating micro-services on AWS ECS, including CI/CD, trouble shooting and operation. 
● Design and implement AWS RDS credential rotation process for meet the best practice on AWS 
● Manage at least 3 environments on AWS by Terraform 
● Maintain Alert system on AWS by using CloudWatch, SNS, and Slack integration. 

● Design and implement high concurrency encryption services by Go wit json-RPC.
● Speed up development process by building local docker compose enviroment.

Verizon Media Group (Yahoo!), April 2019 ~ Feb 2020

Sr. Backend Engineer
● Maintain and develop Yahoo! International FrontPage Recommendation & Personalization stream based on Vespa 
● CI/CD platform migration.
● User behavior analysis (Hive, PySpark)

KKStream, KKBOX Group, Aug 2017 ~ April 2019

Sr. Backend Engineer / acting DevOps tech lead


● Design and implement unified CI/CD framework from scratch on AWS (GitLab CI + CloudFormation + OpsWorks/ECS) and make it easy to onboard for different teams, now becomes CI/CD standard in organization.

● Build-up re-useable and parameterize AWS template to different projects from scratch. Provision isolated environments (test/staging/production) web-based infrastructure in 1-Click (AWS CloudFormation)

● Design and implement core libraries for OTT based backend. (Golang, MySQL) 

● Design and implement APIs for OTT projects. (Golang, GoBuffalo, GraphQL) 

● Adopt AWS ECS solution on production service and implement Blue/Green deployment strategy to reduce provision/operation efforts. (AWS ECS Fargate) 

DevOps evangelist: 

● Advocate Infra-as-code concept cross teams, and at least 4 projects adopt it. (infrastructure-as-code-如何改善我們的生活品質)  

● Seamless migrate online service with CloudFront and reduce up to 20% cost. (使用-cloudfront-s3-打造-video-streaming-service

● Internal AWS training for new comers and HR (AWS advanced architecture, AWS well architected framework, 好文翻譯-你在找的是-sre-還是-devops

● Speaker in DevOps Taiwan - Monitoring Tools 大亂鬥 


● Act team lead for team building(interview, recruiting) and new hire bootcamp. 

● Build up on-demand, isolated and all-in-one development environment for each developer by 1-Click. (CloudFormation, OpsWorks) 

● On-call rotation and handle urgent service issues, yearly SLO is 99.98%. 

● Reduce AWS monthly cost by purchasing RI, S3 life cycle configuration and AutoScaling optimization. 

● Refine legacy CI/CD process by migration Jenkins to Gitlab runner. 


KKStream Extra-miles reward - 2018 Q1

KKStream Extra-miles reward - 2018 Q2

Trend Micro, Feb 2014 ~ Aug 2017

Sr. Backend / DevOps Engineer

● Migrate and re-design on-premises services AWS with scalable, HA and reduce 50% costs. (S3, EC2, ELB/ALB, AutoScaling, SQS) 

● Design and implement Infra-as-code and config-as-code with teams. (CloudFormation, OpsWorks)

● Build-up CI/CD process. (GitHub, CircleCI) 

● Design and implement monitoring and alerting system on AWS. (Lambda, SNS, CloudWatch, Slack) 

● AWS infrastructure management(IAM, SecurityGroup, VPC, DirectConnect)

Trend Micro, Feb 2012 ~ Feb 2014

Sr. Software Engineer

● Design and implement distributed data process and analysis system. (Python) 

● Design and implement RESTful API. (Flask) 

● Build and manage vSphere server for isolated Lab environment. 

● Release manager for TrendMicron anti-spam Engine.

● Deliver TrendMicro Anti-Spam Engine v6.8, v7.0, v7.5

Trend Micro, Jul 2009 ~ Feb 2012

Software Development Engineer in Test

● Designing test plan, test case, and test report for TrendMicro Anti-Spam Engine. 

● Implement test program (C/C++) and automation test framework (perl) to test TrendMicro Anti-Spam Engine.

● Troubleshooting for both product team and enterprise customer. 

● Deliver Trend Micro Anti-Spam Engine v6.0, v6.5


Yuan-Ze University, Master Degree, Information System, 2006 ~ 2008

Chung Yuan University, Bachelor, Management of Information System, 2002 ~ 2006

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