Currently BO-GUAN is doing research related to natural language processing, using some pre-processing and deep learning.
BO-GUAN is eager to see backward when
 BO-GUAN use tools like language library.
In the spare time, BO-GUAN analyzes others sequence data like stocks.

Software Engineer
[email protected]


National Taiwan Normal University

 - MS, Computer Science and Information Engineering

 - 2017 ~ 2019

I did research about Natural Language Processing in my Master' degree.

I also take a teach assistant in data structure and algorithms. I learned thinking others idea was important in above course.


National Chin-Yi University of Technology

 - BS, Electronic Engineering

 - 2011 ~ 2015

I studied some main course including circuitry, electronics, digital logic, computer program, computer network, object-oriented programming, microprocessor, introduction to embedded systems.


Kuang-Hwa Vocational Senior High School of Technology

 - Senior High School, Computer Science

 - 2008 ~ 2011



National Taiwan Normal University, Teaching Assistant

 - Oct 2017 ~ present

I took T.A. for two classes, data structure and algorithms. My task is to grade assignments and discuss their problems.


National Taiwan Normal University, Graduate Student

 - Sep 2017 ~ present

My research topic is about natural language processing, machine learning, neural network.


Swifttrade, Intern trader

 - Sep 2016 ~ Oct 2016

My position was daily trading in Japan stocks. The managers first asked me to control daily loss before you benefited.


Canon Taiwan, Lens inspector

 - Jul 2014 ~ Aug 2014

The position majored in inspecting Lens. The product line was delay if one of slot was delay. I always help other slot if I could do. In sparse time, I also learned other works to prepare in the next accident.


Canon Taiwan, Lens inspector

 - Jul 2013 ~ Aug 2013

The position majored in inspecting Lens. The product line was delay if one of slot was delay. I always help other slot if I could do. In sparse time, I also learned other works to prepare in the next accident.



  • Natural Language Processing (NLP) / Data Mining / Machine Learning / Tensorflow / Data Structures / Algorithms / Computer Architecture / Operating System / Computer Network / Metaheuristics (Algorithm) / Git / Object-Oriented Programming / C / C++ / Java / C# / Python / Javascript / GO / HTML / CSS / Database / SQL / Android Studio / Docker


  • Chat Rooms (Java)
  • YouTube Chatbot (Nodejs)
  • Accounts (Android app)
  • Hearthstone AI (Java)
  • Simulation  of Stock Deals (C#)


  • Sales representative in future company
  • Sales representative in stock company


  • WorldQuant IQC stage 2


        My BS degree in Electronic Engineering at National Chin-Yi University of Technology. Apart from regulation classes, I majored in Single-chip Microcomputer Programming, Computer Network, Programmable Logic Controller, Embedded System Overview, Object-Oriented Programming, Smartphone Application Design and so on in my university term. I designed a circuit put on PCB and code 8051 chip C language by myself. I learned the knowledge about finance during the third year of college and the fourth year of college that was relatively free to the first year of college and the second year of college. But I had no background in finance. It made me search for the related information in WWW. After learning the theories implementation is necessary. At this time, I seek some people's blog in the community of finance. I thought learning from people who had experiences make me to progress quickly. In addition, I could ask people who had experiences of finance in the community when I got problems. After the military term, I spend four months to prepare Computer Science (CS) graduate school test. Then I enrolled in the Department of Computer Science at National Taiwan Normal University. Before semester I made up classes that are CS necessary courses like data structures, Operating System, and programming language. when the semester started, I took Computer Architecture, Algorithms, Object-Oriented Analysis Design, Metaheuristics, and data science courses like Machine Learning, Data Mining, Natural Language Processing, and Bioinformation. I took a competition -- IQC -- of finance of quantitative that was held by the hedge fund before graduating. I took two weeks getting tenth in national and be in the next stage.

        "Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow." -Anthony J. D'Angelo

        In university term, I enrolled in the Magic Club. Apart from the weekly club class, I also learned tricks and theories of magic at video channels. I often showed my tricks for my friends and got feedback from my friends. I aggressively required an opportunity of performing in final club presentation. I designed the show's content including topic, tools, flow, and script by myself in the final club presentation. Then discussed with seniors about the level which needed to be upper than the general shows and the fluency of shows to improve my disadvantages. I also designed a summer camp with volunteer club together. In this work, I schemed what include music, camp activities, staffing, and leisure activities. I had a part-time job in Taiwan Canon which is a manufacturer of the camera when I was a student. The work needed to work with many people. The team was new. So I quickly make friends with my colleagues and understand their major work. In spare time, I asked my leader what work may I help. It made our team took out problems when we got accidents.

        When I was in graduate school, I learned in systemization to resolve problems. Even if the problems are scattered. Reviewing papers could make more complete knowledge. Referring to previous contributions quote advantages and avoid disadvantages, or quote idea from others field. Generations that lots of frameworks are manufactured, many applications could be constructed rapidly. But I still desire to learn in low-level knowledge. Clearly knowing the ideas and theory of back of technology could make me use to be more confident. I also have a habit of learning the related topic of CS. Teamwork is a trend in the generation. Every people merely have 24 hours a day, learn from others senior to make up inadequacies of myself. Working with excellent colleagues to learn about their advantages is more efficient than the same level's. I believe it makes me progress rapidly to break the bottleneck of myself. Finally, I appreciate you give me an opportunity for the interview. Although I just graduate, I believe my ability and intention of learning is strong. I could rapidly adapt to the company culture to demonstrate my professions and communication with teams. Do my best in my work position.
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