陳冠廷 Nero Chen

Majoring in AIoT and data science, I am taught to grow into a person with positive attitude and willing to learn and progress. Being an active, creative and innovative member in a team, I can always provide different ideas through brainstorming. With numerous experiences and a great ability to deal with problem solving, I have strong determination to succeed and hope to make a contribution to every opportunity.I am willing to share my new knowledge with more people .Co-work and grow together with others, that is my goal in my life.

* Open source contributor and maintainer
* 7+ years software development experience [at] 9Rise, MediaTek and Welhunt
* 4+ years data analytic & machine learning  experience [at] MediaTek and Welhunt
* Cloud Architecting and Backend Development
* Familiar with team-collaboration

Teach Manager, Data Scientist
Taipei ,TW
[email protected]

Work Experience 

Welhunt, Lead Data Scientist, Oct 2021 ~ Now

1. Manage the data team by mentoring and one-on-one meetings to assist team members in achieving personal objectives & make sure that team output aligns with company strategy.

2. Define coding conventions & best practices, make architectural decisions on data & components by working closely with CEO and other data team members.

3. New business survey and market analysis(Freight, LNG).

4. Provide futures market price time series model to forecast the daily trend, improve the company annual reward.

- NN model, Regression, Classifier, Model Optimization

5. Build up Daily Forecasting Report Platform.

- Airflow, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Redis, MongoDB, Docker, Selenium  

6. Build up Real-Time Stock Price Platform.Save 150w per year.

- Airflow, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Redis, MongoDB, Docker, Selenium, Nginx

Welhunt, Data Scientist, Dec 2020 ~ Oct 2021

1. Build an Enterprise Data Center with automatic mechanisms to run AI model training, event-base notifications and reduce routine tasks.
- Airflow, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Redis, MongoDB, Docker, Selenium

2. Provide electricity consumption forecasts to assist business analysis teams in trading judgments.
- Prophet, panda

3. Provide futures market price time series model to forecast the trend, improve the company's long and short futures contract strategy.
- NN model, Regression, Auto Hyperparameter Optimization

MediaTek Inc., Data Analytics Engineer , Nov 2018 ~ Dec 2020

1. Build up an Open EDA Tool environment and agent for AI model training. Co-work with machine learning engineer implement paper result (CTS).
- TCL, Python, Shell Script

2. Assist RD improve productivity with data analysis tools. (DRAM, Low Power, Performance )
- Splunk, Tableau

3. Assist RD user in data analysis tool training and lead vendors to provide independent development capabilities.
- Splunk

4. Build up Mediatek worldwide 5G telephony test data collection architecture
- Splunk, AWS

5. Build up Mediatek Software Code Review mechanism improves code quality and productivity .

MediaTek Inc., Software Engineer, Nov 2017 ~ Nov 2018

1. Maintain the company's internal sleep questionnaire system and wearable bracelet system, write automated tests and troubleshooting.
- Docker, Git, Linux Shell, CI/CD, Django, AWS。

9Rise Co., Ltd. (Startup), Full Stack Engineer, Dec 2015 ~ Sep 2017

1. Planning and developing a clinical dynamic questionnaire system solution, which includes Android App and Web fill-in and Web questionnaire design, data analysis platform, and assisted 9Rise Co., Ltd. in writing a patent scope of a dynamic questionnaire method ( Republic of China Patent Publication No .: 2018xxxxx)
- Android, Node.js, MySQL, UCloud

2. Planning and developing a home-based sleep monitoring system solution. It includes an Android App, Cloud cloud management platform, and wearable devices.Sleep analysis algorithms and the algorithms Yang-Ming University Brain teamwork and clinical trials with the Beijing Medical Center.
- Android, Node.js, MySQL, UCloud


National Yang Ming University, Biomedical Informatics, 2014 ~ 2016

- Get the Master Thesis Award in Medical informatics

-  G.P,A. : 4.0

Kaohsiung Medical University, Medical Information Engineering, 2010 ~ 2014

- Obtained a patent for assisting the department in developing an upper limb autonomic rehabilitation system( Republic of China Patent Publication No .: 2014xxxxx)

- G.P,A. : 3.8


Big Data Engineer

Familiar with data analysis methods such as data structure, regular expression, and good at analyzing data scenarios to establish a suitable data pipeline (Splunk, Oracle, MongoDB).

Business Analysis

Familiar with communicating with RD department and establishing visual analysis dashboard (Tableau, Splunk) and discovery data insight for their business needs.


Familiar with Docker Container and Git, CI/CD software development process and have rich experience in Linux server maintenance.

Deep and Machine Learning

Use scikit-learn and PyTorch for data modeling, and use Bayesian Optimization for automatic Hyperparameter tuning .

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