Nevanda Audry Tesata Kusuma

Biology undergraduate student with a demonstrated history of
working on a research project. Skilled in Communication, Biology, Management, teamwork, and leadership. Passionate about
learning, growing, and facing new challenges. Looking for opportunity
in data science, social media marketing, business, and research projects or competition.

  Malang, Malang City, East Java, Indonesia      nevandaaudry 

   [email protected]                          +6282139020109




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Work Experience

Ministry of Competition Staff   •  RITMA FMIPA UB

February 2022 - Present

During my time at RITMA, I managed student achievement data in the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences at Brawijaya University. I also worked as an event division staff member who held the "Brainstorming Ide" event that gathered RITMA staff to have seminary with senior researchers and also did discussion about ideas that could be ideas that we could bring into a competition.

Ministry of Science  •  HIMABIO

February 2022 - Present

During my time at HIMABIO, I managed administration things in "Biology Olympiad Class" as a Secretary. I also was a moderator during "Biology Smart School" and "Biology Olympiad Class" to lead the communication between the audience and the speakers.

Marketing Division Coordinator   •  Megatruh Annual Drama - Charis National Academy

December 2020 - March 2021

Managed and coordinated all staff in the Marketing division. Create weekly meeting, planning timeline and project dateline, managed all staff based on timeline. Created a marketing plan and grand design.

OSIS ( Associated Student Body) President  •  Charis National Academy OSIS

September 2019 - February 2021

Throughout my time at OSIS as President, I created the Charis Cover Competition ( the annual Charis National Academy Festival event, but because there's a pandemic we have an online competition) and raised 1 million donations for an orphanage charity. Held monthly meetings, supervised an agenda managed by divisions such as internal competition (Kartini's or National's days), weekly chapel, and delivered feedback that every class president brought to OSIS and conducted feedback to the headmaster.

Mission Trip Secretary  •  Charis National Academy Mission Trip 

December 2019 - January 2020

Managed all the administration things that are required for the mission trip event, such as proposals, letters and others.

Nationalism Division Staff  •  Charis National Academy OSIS

November 2018 - November 2019

As a National division staff member, I worked on some projects that related to this division, such as creating a monthly agenda (monthly magazine, annual Indonesian day competition, and creating some videos on YouTube). I also became an MC on some agendas such as Charis Internal Debate Competition 2018.

Coordinator of Health and First Aid Ministry •  Charis Run 2019

September 2018 - April 2019

Prepared first aid things with the team, such as first aid kit, communicating with stakeholders (doctor and therapist), and an ambulance for transportation accommodation.

Garage Sale Coordinator  •  Charis National Academy Mission Trip 

August 2018 - November 2018

Raised funding by garage sale for school charity, managed garage sale preparation, garage sale day and managed the job description of the staff. Set pricing, packaging and checking all the stuff that is sold in the garage sale. 

Event Division Coordinator  •  Charis National Academy Mission Trip 

August 2018 - November 2018

Created a project timeline, set project due dates, managed staff job description and their progress. Create a rundown of the jobs for every staff member, report and coordinate the process to another division and the director.


University of Brawijaya

Biology , General

2021 - 2025

Charis National Academy

Science General

2018 - 2021

Licenses & Certifications

Cancer Biology 101


Issued May 2022 · No Expiration Date

Pendidikan dan Pelatihan Kewirausahaan Tingkat Nasional (PPKTN)

University of Brawijaya

Issued April 2022 · No Expiration Date

Foundations: Data, Data, Everywhere


Issued March 2022 · No Expiration Date



  • People Management
  • Organization Management 
  • Event Management 


  • Social Media Branding
  • Business Research
  • Product Design 


  • Indonesia
  • English
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