Nicholas Hartowidjojo 黃國郎

A motivated and curious student who studies abroad to search for experiences, to have more qualities in life, and to choose in Taiwan experience how important Chinese is now by learning deeper and understanding the culture as well. By having more experiences and challenges, I will surely have a bright future and help to make the world a better world. 

            A person who has leadership, confidence, a friendly, social personality, and ability at public speaking. Eagerly to search for new opportunities and chances in life. A kind of person who is adaptable in any condition and any kind of job. Also, critical thinkers have creative ideas. I believe these last descriptions of my personality and more, in reality, will surely be a valuable asset for you and your company to get greater value, and also an honor and unforgettable experience for a better future that I could probably one day of future of a better world.

Work Experience

Assistant Chef Part-Timer •  Evergreen Resort Hotel Jiaoxi, Yilan

Jan. 2019 - Feb 2019

 Being an assistant for one quick month in a prestigious hotel has been a great experience in which I have been trained mentally and physically. Done everything perfectly and accurately. The hardship of being a chef, waking up early, and preparing all the food before the sun rises has been my daily routine ever since. Being polite in both communications and conversation, and able to manage things well, and being on time is one of many things that I have mastered.  

Social Service Internship and Part-Timer • Indonesia 2019 Presidential Election Committee Taipei 

March 2019 - April 2019


Participating in the Indonesian Presidential Election 2019-2024 is such an honorable and unforgettable moment. My past skills and experiences are truly being upgraded to another level. Managing from the beginning until the end of the event, reliable and serious but in the same way so refreshing. New challenges in every part of the way and I can't wait to  join any other teamwork communities in the future. 

  Store and Marketing Part-Timer •  INDEX (東南亞百貨公司)Taipei

Dec. 2019 - Present

My continuous job is not far from responsible skills. I am responsible for all kinds of transactions in marketing, sales, and managing the whole store. Being able to communicate with others is my specialty and doing things responsibly and right is my taste. I learned to notify things and what people desire in the present and future in order to make better sales and promotion.  We communicate in 3 languages: Chinese, English, and Bahasa Indonesia.  Satisfaction targets and goals are often achieved。 


Sept 2015 - June 2018

Karangturi National Plus School, Indonesia

HIgh School Degree in Study of Social 

Sept 2018 - June 2022

Tamkang University, Taiwan

Bachelor Degree in Banking and Finance 



  • Business research
  • Leadership and Management
  • Reliable and Creatively Visionary
  • Public Relation Skill
  • Good at Word, Excel, PPT
  • Learning Photoshop and Canva

  • Indonesia - Native
  • English- Fluent and so-called Professional
  • Chinese - Intermediate 
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