Nick Palazzo

Founder of NP Ventures and the 2x2 Foundation

The principal and founder of NP Ventures, an advisory, incubator, and venture-investment firm he established in California’s Silicon Valley, Nick Palazzo and his team offer decades of experience in the sports-media and entertainment industries to assist emerging companies. NP Ventures provides extensive guidance on investment, strategic planning, mergers and acquisitions, and marketing and brand development. In addition to his leadership in his field, Nick Palazzo directs the work of the 2x2 Foundation, a nonprofit focused on the needs of underserved student-athletes.

Mr. Palazzo started the foundation based on his desire to give back to the world of sports, in which he excelled as a student-athlete at Harvard University. During his four years studying economics there, he became one of the most accomplished rushers and scorers in the history of Harvard football, earning a place in the National Scholar-Athlete Hall of Fame. Nick Palazzo and his teammates clinched the Ivy League football championship in 2001.

Through the 2x2 Foundation, Mr. Palazzo enables young people from underserved communities to transform their lives through sports and education. The foundation provides scholarships for student-athletes and additionally builds athletic infrastructure and program capacity at under-resourced schools. While girls’ and young women’s athletics are a focus of the foundation, it also works extensively with boys’ and young men’s programs, providing a range of instructional camp experiences, after-school activities, and enhanced sports league participation.

Palo Alto, CA, US

Work Experience

May 2020 - Present

NP Ventures

May 2020 - Present

2x2 Foundation


Sep 1999 - Jun 2003

Bachelor of Arts (BA)
Harvard University

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