Shuo ( Nicky ) Wang

Front-End Developer  •    +886 933 807969  •   [email protected]

Specializing in javascript ( ES10, React + Redux, Electron ). Experienced in Front-End Development for iBUYPOWER, the global eSports and Gaming PC company. YouTuber of gaming over 10 years. My greatest strength is persistently carrying through the work to the end: I can research technology up-to-date, and aim to improve projects from A to Z.


YouTuber / Streamer / Blogger

Jan 2008 - Present

  • Sharing videos about video games, especially game walkthroughs.

  • 300 videos uploaded, over 2,000,000 total views.

  • Reply comments in Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, etc.

  • Test game glitches, and report to the customer service or game developer.

Pro Gamer

Sep 2008 - Oct 2017

  • Have my own store in 8591 and Taobao to sale virtual goods and services in MMORPGs.

  • Estimate cost of tradable items by programming.

  • Complete in-game tasks with high techniques in long-term focus.

  • Take responsibility for customers with strong EQ.

Firefighter (Alternative Service), Kaohsiung Harbor Fire Brigade

Oct 2015 - Oct 2016

  • Standby for 48 hours in Rescue Command Center every 3 days.

  • Report progress of salvage and fire extinguishing immediately.

Front-End Developer / Software Project Leader, iBUYPOWER

Dec 2018 - May 2019

  • Plan a brand new project, propose requirements and conduct market survey.

  • 4 employees in my charge, including training one junior front-end developer.

  • Recruiting and selecting by phone and interview, including compile javascript and C # tests.

  • Lead Front-end Development of Web ( pure js to React ) and Desktop APP ( C# to Electron.js ).


Department of Computer Science and Engineering, National Taiwan Ocean University


React.js + Redux

Continually intensify modern React development, mostly with Redux to store state and data. Classical lifecycle and the new "Hooks" way are all suitable to me.

HTML5 / CSS3 / JS ( ES5 - 10 )

Experienced in RWD, Flexbox and Bootstrap grid. Fitting any CSS Frameworks (Bootstrap, Foundation, etc.) to design layouts. Knowing how to design javascript library.


SCSS make CSS coding fast and reliable. I found it easier to communicate with UI / UX designers after implementation.


Version control with git flow and my branching model. Add features from "develop", Bug fixing in "release" and make productions and tag version from "master".

Node.js + express.js

Knowing the basic no-sql database, Ajax, and authority then I can communicate with back-end developers.

Post-production / Streaming

I am familiar with OBS Studio, also I can apply Vegas and Photoshop for better FX for post-production.


HTML, CSS, and Javascript for Web Developers

Jul 2018


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JavaScript: Understanding the Weird Parts

Oct 2018


Experiences 00 02@2x d08cb731546334ac3e784c5845e368719bba256a127be86e720a634d798b8bb9

ES6, ES7 & ES8, TIME to update your JS / ECMAScript!

Mar 2019


Experiences 00 02@2x d08cb731546334ac3e784c5845e368719bba256a127be86e720a634d798b8bb9

Full-Stack Plactice for Node.js and Firebase

Jul 2018


Experiences 00 02@2x d08cb731546334ac3e784c5845e368719bba256a127be86e720a634d798b8bb9

TOEIC Official Score Certificate

Jul 2018

Intermediate English(Total score: 535; Listening score: 285; Reading score: 250)


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