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Nikolas Perrault is a Chartered Financial Analyst who spent the first 15 years of his career working with some of Canada’s largest financial institutions. He is the founder and CEO of M&A and Capital Market Advisory consulting firm Twilight Capital. 

Nikolas Perrault holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree and received his Chartered Financial Analyst designation in 1997. Nikolas has extensive international experience in the field of mineral resources. He was born in Rwanda and traveled a great deal around the world for decades. He uses his passion for travel as a means to discover new cultures and bridge gaps between them. Well-versed in the fields of natural resources and technology, Nikolas is especially interested in artificial intelligence, healthcare and financial technology. His experience also lies in human resources management, securities trading and financial analysis.  

Born in Rwanda, Nikolas Perrault has spent decades traveling the world extensively. One of his passions is discovering different cultures and bridging the gaps between them. His company, Twilight Capital, is constantly looking for opportunities for entrepreneurs to connect internationally and to help both private and public companies in their overall capital market strategy. 

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Founder and CEO of Twilight Capital: 2008 - Present

Twilight is a privately held company and its management team has significant experience in going-public transactions, spin-offs, capital markets, mergers and acquisitions (“M&A”) and all matters related thereto Twilight’s primary focus is the mineral resource sector where it has developed over the last 25 years an extensive international network of strategic relationships.   

Founded in 2008 by Nikolas Perrault, Twilight is a capital market advisory consulting firm based in Montreal. Perrault is a Chartered Financial Analyst who spent the first 15 years of his professional life working with some of the largest financial institutions in Canada, which includes National Bank, Merrill-Lynch, CIBC and Scotia Capital. Throughout his career, he has focused on small to medium cap companies worldwide, which has allowed him to develop an extensive international financing network.  

Advisory Board Member at AB Minerals Corp: 2016 - Present

Advisory Board Chairman at BridgeRock Technologies: 2015 - Present

Director of Bitumen Capital: 2011 - 2017

Director of Colt Resources Middle East: 2013 - 2017

Director of Calvalley Petroleum Inc: 2011 - 2015


Concordia University, Bachelor of Commerce in Finance

  • Activities: Finance Major, VP Finance Society
  • Charitable fund raiser


Venture Capital

Mergers & Acquisitions

Investor Relations

Private Equity

Business Strategy

Due Diligence

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On this site, Nikolas Perrault shares his thoughts on various topics related to technology, such as artificial intelligence, self-driving cars and virtual reality.

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Technology and Natural Resources

The World Business Council for Sustainable Development estimates humans have exceeded Earth’s capacity to sustain our current levels of consumption, and are on track to consume more than twice what the planet can regenerate.

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The State of Natural Resources

Every year, the Global Footprint Network assesses how many of Earth’s resources are used by humans and on what day the amount of resources used surpasses how much Earth can regenerate. The date on which that happens is referred to as World Overshoot Day.

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What Is Social Venture Capitalism? 

Most people familiar with the finance world have heard of venture capital. Venture capital helps provide the necessary resources to startups to help them succeed (think Shark Tank). While money is an essential part of any business venture, many entrepreneurs and investors are beginning to widen their view to include another important component: social impact.

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What Is Spot Electricity Trading And How Does The Market Work?

The electricity market is a system that allows purchases through bids to buy; offers to sell; and short-term trades, often in the form of financial or obligation swaps. Offers and bids use the principle of supply and demand to set the pricing. Long-term trades are typically private bi-lateral transactions and are contracts similar to those of power purchase agreements.

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The Need For Sustainable Natural Resource Management

Currently, the Earth is facing a natural resources crisis. Natural resources are being used at a rate faster than the Earth can replenish them. The use of natural resources is essential to human life, which means there needs to be a way to ensure that these natural resources can continue to replenish themselves. Overuse of fossil fuels and overexploitation of water and soil contributes to the growing climate change crisis.

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Why Are More Companies Making The Switch To Renewable Energy?

Tech giant Samsung has announced that by 2020, they plan to power their U.S., Europe and China plants entirely by renewable energy sources. And they aren’t the only ones. With an increased consumer focus on sustainability, more and more companies are making the move to power their operations through renewable energy. The International Energy Agency predicts that by 2040, renewable energy would comprise 40% of global power generation. In 2017, companies signed deals that support the development of 2.8 gigawatts of new, renewable energy. To put that in perspective, that’s about equivalent to the capacity of all power plants in Iceland.

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What's Next For Renewable Energy? Determining Proper Storage Solutions

More and more companies and individuals are turning to renewable energy to power their operations as opposed to costly and environmental harming fossil fuels. While the use of renewable energy is exciting and something to be heralded, it doesn’t come without its issues. Namely, storage. With solar and wind energy especially, there are days when more energy is produced than can ever be used, but other times when there is no sunshine or wind for days on end. To balance these two extremes, a proper storage solution for renewable energy is needed.

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Are Self Driving Cars on the Road to Overtaking Traditional Vehicles?

Self-driving cars made headlines this spring when a woman in Arizona died after being struck by an Uber in autonomous mode. The human driver of the car was not paying attention and didn’t have their hands hovering over the wheel, as instructed, to be able to take control if needed. Following the accident, a AAA survey found that 73% of Americans are afraid to ride in a fully-autonomous vehicle.

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Machine Learning Versus Artificial Intelligence Versus Deep Learning

Most technology news as of late somehow relates back to artificial intelligence. The seemingly complex and high-brow technology is integrated into mundane items, such as Amazon’s Alexa or Google Home. With talk of artificial intelligence comes machine learning and deep machine learning. The three phrases can often be conflated, but do refer to three specific technologies.

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Artificial Intelligence Trends For 2020

As artificial intelligence continues its advance, the list of its applications will grow. In 2019, expect to see AI used by many more companies and consumers. Below are some areas in which AI will expand in the coming year.

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Breaking Down The Crypto Mining Industry

The decentralization inherent in cryptocurrency is made possible by mining, the process by which new transactions are added to the blockchain and confirmed as legitimate. Mining involves verifying each block in the blockchain, with each miner competing to be the first to solve a numeric problem—which involves more luck than mathematical skill. As a result of the massive volume of possible guesses, miners typically invest in high-performance equipment to aid in their work.

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A Brief Look At Microfinance

For many, escaping poverty requires more resources than they have access to. This also applies on a countrywide level, with developing countries lacking the means of creating the infrastructure that would reduce the cost of self-sufficiency. The wealth divide has only grown greater, with 1.4 billion citizens of developing countries trapped in extreme poverty. The widespread prevalence of poverty has led to governments and other organizations proposing their own solutions.

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A History Of Technology In Finance

The finance industry is becoming more dependent on automation every day. Financial firms use machine learning to assist with everything from process automation to algorithmic trading, enabling them to reduce operational costs, increase revenue, better compliance, and reinforce security. In fact, 35% of America’s stock market funds are run by computers that follow rules set by humans. Those same funds also account for 60% of institutional equity assets and 60% of trading activity.

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Why are More Companies Making the Switch to Renewable Energy?

About Nikolas Perrault, CEO of Twilight Capital

A History Of Technology In Finance

Nikolas Perrault discusses the history of technology in finance and how it's affected the industry.

A Brief Look At Microfinance

Nikolas Perrault shares a brief look at microfinance and how it works.