Nilay D. Patel



I have 4 years of experience as an IT technician and programmer. By incorporating my technical skills, I have assisted many businesses in improving the user experience of their products and platforms.

Programming and Technical Skills

CRM Systems: SLATE, EMAS, PeopleSoft, Banner

programming Languages and Frameworks: Java, C++, Python, R, Julia, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, Jquery, VBA, Google App Script, C, Shell Script, Android, ReactJS, Flutter, Ruby, Vuejs, Laravel

Server side: Django, Flask, PHP

Database management systems: SQL, NoSQL(MongoDB), Firebase

Other tech. : Digital Ocean, Cloudrun, Docker, Git

Other: OS and Software installation and troubleshooting, automating windows and Linux OS processes

Work Experience

Developer at, Salisbury, August 2021 - Current (Full Time)

  • Develop statistical web app using Vue Js.
  • Work with large amount of data to visualize it through different charts.
  • Work with various API's and datasets and maintain using state management system VueX.
  • Design overall architecture of the web application with other developers.
  • Maintain quality and ensure responsiveness of applications.
  • Collaborate with the rest of the engineering team to design and launch new features. 
  • Solve complex performance problems and architectural challenges 
  • Maintain code integrity and organization. 

CRM Specialist at Mercy College, NYC, April 2021 - June 2021 (Contract)

  • Record verification using Axiom Elite data management hub for integration of data to the SIS, Banner.
  • Execution of data imports for recruitment event registrations and lead sources according to source formats.
  • Building and updating slate-hosted applications.
  • Building, updating, and testing forms and event templates.
  • Enrollment decision updates in Slate and Banner.
  • Develop recurring and ad-hoc queries and dashboards.
  • Oversee daily functions and processes including student record maintenance, recurring and ad-hoc imports and exports, process automation, nightly file transfers between Slate and Banner, and other tasks to ensure system performance and maximize system efficiency and Serve as the functional manager of CRM software (Slate).
  • Liaise with internal and external CRM support providers, including Enrollment Management units, University I.T. and software vendor to test new functionality and upgrades to Slate and the Admissions module of Banner.

Software Developer Intern at Mercantile Processing LLC, Sep 2020 - Dec 2020

  • Followed Agile methodology with SCRUM framework to complete the project in iterations.
  • Used standard Android components like activities, services and created custom views for the application.
  • Implemented several types of Layouts for User Interface. Developed UI layers with View Pager, Navigation drawer, and Fragments within the application. Customized the UI controls like Buttons, Tool bars etc.
  • Implemented Serializable and Parcelable objects to send across activities.
  • Implemented custom Web views to check out to the website in the app. Using Material Design elements like widgets for cards and lists, custom shadows, navigation drawers etc. to enhance the user interface of the application.
  • Designed the Firebase database to store the user information to provide the online functionality.
  • Worked with Recycler Views for displaying the list. Developed the Java classes to implement the business logic of the application. 
  • Used Git as project version control tool. Used JavaScript for Client-side validations in the application. 
  • Involved in the maintenance of the app and fixing the bugs in various modules.  
  • Completed project within time with proper documentation and weekly meetings with CEO. 

IT Technical Assistant (HTML email Designer and IT/CRM intern) at Admissions House Salisbury University, Feb 2017 - Aug 2020

  • Designed, tested, formatted, quality assured, and analyze standard, customized, and ad hoc management reports for leadership to support emerging initiatives at all phases of admissions funnels and influenced strategies supporting SU student persistence. Assisted with analysis of data and statistics and with projections.
  • Configured CRM systems to support events, such as planning, preparation, communication, registration, and tracking.
  • Collaborated with SU Web development department to make email builder.
  • Designed and maintained 300+ HTML emails over 3 years.
  • Implemented SLATE CRM with CRM implementation team (SU IT Department) with proper documentation.
  • Managed and visualized prospective students data stats using MySQL, Python and R.
  • Built query using EMAS power report writer and MySQL to generate reports and schedule emails.
  • Implemented new data wrangling process using my innovative VBA application to automate data mapping process and increased productivity.
  • Worked directly under the guidance of assistant director of Admissions to complete daily and critical tasks.
  • Automated HTML email editing process using power script (Shell script).
  • Please take a look at my internship presentation


National Folk Festival Volunteer Web Check- in App using Google App Script

  • Successfully built and implemented Web Check-in App for National Folk Festival (Folk festival is organized by city of Salisbury every year, more than 50k people attends 3 days of festival).
  • Instead of using database, it runs smoothly on Google spreadsheet by using API
  • Features includes new Volunteer Registration, Search and list the volunteers by their type (eg. Marketplace)
  • Tested, upgraded and troubleshooted application at the live event 

Programming Languages: Google App Script, Java script, Jquery , HTML, CSS (Hidden due to privacy, please ask for live demo)

Greenbury Project (Web Development with MySQL and NoSQL)

  • Created local business support system (CMS)
  • Local businesses can register their business without using single line of code
  •  All Registered business can be accessible at
  • Built in PHP and MySQL
  • Designed, normalized and maintained MySQL database 
  • Worked with IT professional faculty throughout process to resolve issues

Programming Language: PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript

DBMS: Mysql 

Data Mapping App (Salisbury University Admissions House / IT and Marketing Department)

  • Automated repetitive task of editing and mapping data in excel 
  • The app maps data received from third party and reformat it by automated data wrangling process 
  • Normally one file takes from 2 hours to 6 hours for data editing and mapping , my app cut down that process time to less than 2 minutes
  • Successfully increased my department's productivity

Programming Language: VBA Script  (Please ask for live demo)

Statistical Analysis Application using Agile Methodology 

  • Java swing app for SU Mathematics Department to use in statistics classes
  • Worked under guidance of department chair of mathematics and Computer Science
  • Build a standalone app for Confidence Interval experiment,  Hypothesis Testing experiment, Central Limit Theorem experiment,  Dice rolling experiment, Card drawing experiment  
  • Please take a look at project presentation

Technologies: Java swing (GUI), JfreeCharts, Rengine, R, Gradle, Github (Please ask for live demo)



President: SU German Club (2018-2020)


Volunteer Leader: National Folk Festival 2019


Senator: Salisbury University Student Government (2020)


edX Honor Code Certificate for Information Systems and Computer Applications (University of Valencia)

edX Honor Code Certificate for Communicating Strategically (Purdue University)

Intro to SQL for Data Science (DataCamp)

PH125.8x: Data Science: Machine Learning (Harvardx Online)


Salisbury University, 2016 - 2020

Major: Computer Science (B.S.) 

Minors: Computer Science, Mathematics, Data Science 


My Success Story on Salisbury University website

Contacts / References 

Kyle Morgan (CEO and Head of Product, Mercantile Processing LLC)

Phone: 877-508-2831

Email: [email protected]

Aaron Basko (Vice President for Enrollment Management at Sweet Briar College)

Email: [email protected]

Dr. Yaping Jing (Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, Salisbury University)

Phone: 410-543-6470

Email: [email protected]

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