Nina Tai

國立臺北科技大學 / 應用英文系

National Taipei University of Technology  (2011-2015)

Applied English 

nina820223@gmail.com  /  0986-243-455  /  Hsinchu - Taipei, TW

經歷 Experience

店長 Store Supervisor 


Lemongrass House Taiwan Ltd.

- Marketing

- Sales


- General affairs in flagship store

- Facebook fanpage editor

- Person in charge of B2B orders

- Translation (Chinese/English)

- Customer services 

文件客服人員 Document Maintainer


Evergreen Marine

- Document maintenance (North America Line)

- B/L verifying, pending issue solving

- Customer communication

工讀生 P/T

Lemongrass House Taiwan Ltd.

- Sales, Cleaning

- Facebook fanpage editor

實習生 Internship

Metropolitan Immigration Company

- Administrative assistant

親善大使 Student Ambassador


National Taipei University of Technology

- Reception (Nobel Prize winner)

- Stage lead (Presidential Science Prize)

- Conference organization

兼任助理 Research Assistant 


Ministry of Science & Technology

-Brainwave analyzing
-Lab assistance 


Store Supervisor, 01 Jan 2016 - Present

Thanks to this job, I get to know diverse fields of running a business. Among them, I find myself fascinated with dealing customers which is related to customer service field. I enjoy the process communicating with customers. It dawns on me that I should not only bear the principle of our company in mind  but stand in the same shoe with the customer as well. In this way,  we can reach an agreement.  In light of the experience, I know more about the techniques in communicating. However, our company is not that big, dealing with trivial things such as cleaning the store and doing inventory take up most of my time. On account of that, I'd like to give it a shot and apply for the position in your team. I hope I can drill myself in your group and be more professional in  service field. 


Document Maintainer, 20 July  2015 - 30 Dec 2015

This job equipped me with the background knowledge of  international trade. My duties in Evergreen Marine are keying in and verifying B/L information such as container numbers and seal numbers. It makes me a more careful person. However, it sheds lights on me that the "duties" will someday being taken place by computers or robots. As a result, I made up my mind to step out the comfort zone, challenging myself with more "colorful" duties instead of staying in "green" all the time. By doing so, I can make myself more competitive. 


Fragrance Shop Clerk, 15 April 2012 - 18 June 2015

For a salesperson, observation is quite important. This job gives me a lesson on how to observe customers' needs so that we can provide best service to make them satisfied. In addition to selling products, due to my expression about products, the store manager assigned me to take the charge of the posts on our Facebook fanpage. Through this experience, I also equipped myself with creativity in language and the ability of translating between Chinese and English.


Intern, 1 July 2014 - 31 Aug 2014

I appreciate the immigration company for accepting my internship application. From this learning opportunity, I've learned how a office run. Although I was just a intern, the manager gave me chances to receive guests, keep passports for customers, and also run errands to Ministry of Foreign Affairs.  These trivial chores turn me into a person with carefulness . Being  a intern in an immigration company, I get to know the different cultures and customs all over the world. Thanks to this chance, I can explore the world in a small office.