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Nipun Allurwar

I am looking for opportunity in salesforce as fresher.I want to succeed in an environment of growth and excellence to meet personal and organizational goals with Salesforce as my sword.

Salesforce Admin/Developer
Thane, IN
[email protected]



-Creating Custom objects,Fields. -Customising standard objects like Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities, Products,Price books, Cases, Leads, Campaigns and Custom objects.

-Data Migration using Data Loader and Data Import Wizard. 

-Creating Reports and Dashboards. 

-Profiles,User and Roles management. 

-Cases management,Assignment Rules,Escalation Rules,Solutions, Web-to-Case,Email-to-case. Etc.

Siebel CRM

-Creating Users

-Assigning responsibilities

-Providing access

-Creating workflow process

-Creating Positions

-Creating Tasks.


DDL - ability to define different database objects .

DML - ability to manipulate the data stored in the objects. 

DCL - ability to control access to the data and objects.

Procedural SQL - Ability to extend SQL by procedural extension language of DBMS engine like PL/SQL

ETL using SQL - Extract, transform and Load data in bulk from and to database tables


Experience 12, Sep 2016 - Present

Siebel CRM:

Creating Users,assigning responsibilities,Providing access,Creating workflow process, Error Queue Monitoring,Incidents management,Monitoring and solving user’s application queries and data issues.


Mobile Company’s Service System 

To capture information about all the customers who are facing issues in mobile device. It needs to automate the assignment of issue ownership to the person concerned,depending on type of issue. Moreover,it wants to escalate the issue to higher authority in case of delay. 

-Planning Project Roadmap

-Designing Data model 

-Creating Assignment rules 

-Setting Auto Escalation Rule

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