Noel Sebastian Lim Jenq Ning

A slash generation that always looking for new opportunity to have a multiple life. Self learning is my daily routine. This can help me to build up my own future and even improve my problem solving skill. Reading books and technical articles is my self learning method for gaining various of knowledge. I always share what I learn in my technical blog because teaching others is the best way to see how much that I can understand. 

I also have the digital forensic expertise with a strong thirst for knowledge, a strong ability to adapt together with being calm in any situation. I prepared myself for a long time to enter the digital computer forensic field therefore, any chances to me is a new challenge , I would think positively and try my best to complete my task together with my team. I am confident in what I ready to do and willing to admit any mistake if occur and make it corret as a responsible person.

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Forensic Analysis

  • Familiar with operating system forensic,network forensic, malware forensic analysis techniques.
  • Investigate browser related artifact.
  • Anti-Forensic techniques and prevention methods

Penetration Testing

  • Practicing the Penetration Testing Execution Standard (PTES) .
  • Familiar with Windows, and Linux hacking.
  • Perform vulnerability analysis. 
  • Exploit development and pwning on memory corruption.


  • Advanced in Python: Web crawler, GUI, and hacking tools.
  • Advanced in x86-64 assembly language.
  • Intermediate in C, C++,Java, HTML/CSS.

Google Products

  • Google Adwords techniques.
  • Expert in all G-Suits products (Applied Digital Skills). 

Network attack and Defence

  • Familiar with Web Application Technologies.
  • Understand common web applications vulnerability such as injection attack, XSS, remote code execution.
  • Defense Mechanisms.
  • Perform browser and network attack.

Reverse Engineering

  • PE and ELF binary format.
  • Performing static and dynamic code analysis for any executable.
  • Software cracking and protection techniques.
  • Perform anti-reversing techniques.
  • Unpacking malicious software that might using code misdirection techniques like SEH.
  • Binary Patching.


  • Mandarin - Native 
  • English - Conversational 
  • Bahasa Melayu - Conversational
  • Cantonese - Fluent


  • Telegram bot development. 
  • Hexo & Jekyll blog which hosting on github in markdown format. 
  • News article and Novel writing. 
  • Tiddly wiki & Seesaawiki.


  • Kali Linux, Ubuntu, Linux Kodachi3.
  • IDA Pro,Olly dbg ,PWN GDB.
  • Pycharm, Visual Studio.
  • Wireshark, Burp Suite and NetSparker.
  • Autopsy & Volatility.


Promoter for Magic Scan, 2013-03

LCM Marketing Sdn Bhd

  • Convince and demo the customer on how to use the Magic Scan product. 
  • Stock Check.

Ice Cream Promoter, Jan 2013

Nestlé Malaysia

Waiter & Cashier, Dec 2012 - Jan 2013 

Pizza Hut Sentul Branch

  • Manage to working in a tension environment as not enough worker in peak hour or during public holidays. 
  • Provide great serving service all the time. 
  • Responsible for every task and find best solution together Manager and colleague.


Asia Pacific University of Technology and Innovation , Apr 2013 - Jun 2016

  • BSC (HONS) In Information Technology with specialism in Forensic Computing.
  • CGPA 3.18

Chong Hwa Independent High School, Kuala Lumpur, Jan 2007 - Dec 2012

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Additional Activities

Sin Chew Daily Cadet Reporter 22nd National Camp, 2017-06

Alumni Coordinator

  • Arrange the accommodation for other cadet reporters from other state. 
  • Define the rules that need to be followed by them. 
  • Perform Site investigation near the campsite to obtain the information about hospital, clinic, restaurant and convenience store and compile it.

Malaysia and Singapore Cadet Reporter Camp, 2016-12

Activity Leader

  • Assist in ice-breaking session to attract the campers be more focus on the activities.
  • Lead the exercise and dance together with the campers. 
  • Plan activities and encourage the campers with mini games.

Beyond Media, 2016


  • Write articles about the event organised by my University.

Famine 30 Camp, 2015

Venue Sponser

  • Discuss and communicate with student affairs department for venue sponsors from own university.

APU Chinese Language and Culture Society, 2014 - 2015

Diabolo Team Secretary 

  • Ensure member‘s attendance. 
  • Records the Minutes of meeting.
  • Arrange the all the documentation that need to submitted to the related university department.


  • Hack In The Box Kuala Lumpur  2014- volunteer.
  • GDays Kl 2014 at Taylor's University- event crew.


  • Awarded in KPMG Cyber Security Challenge 2015
  • Geography General Knowledge Quiz(Senior Group 3rd prize)2012
  • Orange House service award 2011
  • Geography General Knowledge Quiz(Senior Group 2nd prize) 2010
  • 24th Cadet Reporter of Cahaya Weekly, Sin Chiew Daily 2010

Interest & Hobbies

  • Participate in CTF
  • Reading
  • Knowledge Sharing
  • Startups
  • Japanese anime/drama/sci-fiction(Tokusatsu)
  • Chess and Go

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