Roy Huang 黃丞正

Hardware, firmware and software

  Taipei, Taiwan

Experience in hardware, firmware, software and product manufacturing. Participate several project and build these project from nothing. 

Can work standalone and find the solution by myself.

My personal website :

My personal email : [email protected]

Software Skills

  • C/C++
  • Golang development and test.
  • Linux
  • Git
  • SVN
  • HTML/JavaScript

Hardware Skills

  • Altium designer
  • Analog and digital circuit design
  • Build simple 3D model
  • Manufacture and QC

Firmware Skills

  • C/ C++
  • UART, SPI, I2C, I2S, USB
  • RTOS
  • Arduino
  • ARM

IOT Skills

  • Websocket
  • MQTT
  • HTTP
  • TCP, UDP


Software Engineer

Movella  •  Dec 2020 - now  •  Full-time

• Familiar with BLE, Websocket, C, C++, Golang, Linux, Git, SVN, Websocket.
• Familiar with UART, SPI, I2C, I2S
• Experience with USB driver porting. (tinyUSB)
• Developed firmware of BLE trackers based on Dialog BLE SoC platform, integrating multiple sensors into the system.
• Developed firmware of WiFi/BLE gateway based on Nordic BLE Soc platform
• Integrated and Developed hardware and software of WiFi/BLE gateway based on RPI4 and ESP32-C3.
• Familiar with IOT architecture.
• Familiar with BlueZ programming via Golang.
• Familiar with BLE protocol, like GATT, GAP.
• Familiar with BLE debug tools in Linux, like btmon, gatttool, bluetoothctl.
• Familiar with BLE sniffer.


Zenu Design  •  Jul 2019 - now  •  Part-time

It's my personal side project, I started this project since I am a student with my good friends.(CEO now)
Co-work with teams to design and build Zenu Aroma machine from zero to one.
Raised over 14M NTD on ZecZec co-founding platform.
Achievement and experience on Zenu Aroma machine
• Familiar with Aroma machine hardware and firmware design.
• The first one in the world of humidity control aroma machine.
• Design the patent for anti-wet airflow with teams.
• Experience with the manufacturing and safety in Taiwan(BSMI)
• Experience with hardware quality analysis and control.

Achievement on Zenu - also do some IT things.
• Build the email system with company domain name.
• Build the landing page for Zenu Aroma machine by wordpress -

Hardware, Firmware, IOT engineer

iknowwater  •  Jun 2017 - Dec 2020  •  Full-time

Developed firmware & hardware of aquaculture IOT machine based on ESP8266/ESP32.
• Familiar with WiFi, C, C++, Arduino, IOT protocol, Golang, Embedded Linux, Git.
• Familiar with IOT archiecture, IOT hardware design.
• Experience with NB-IOT/CAT-M1, integrating NB-IOT into the IOT machine.
• Experience with MQTT, HTTP, Websocket and Embedded Linux/Android.
• Design and deploy the custom services into Android 4G dongle with Golang.
• Experience with Onvif, RTSP, collect this IPCAM information on webpage via Golang.
• Experience with aquaculture, shrimp farm design.

Hardware and firmware Engineer

Noctua Software Limited •  Jul 2016 - Aug 2016  •  Intern

Co-work with two french and all communicate in English.
Design and make seven PCB and firmware prototypes of Spino in two months.
• Familiar with hardware design and PCB design.
• Experience with BLE firmware development.
• Develop Spino on Teensy 3.2 on Arduino platform and integrate with BLE module.

Electric and Mechanical Engineer

The king pork room escape •  May 2014 - Dec 2015  •  Part-time

Design, build and maintain the room escape game.
Integrate several kinds of module into the game.
like voice recognize module, magnet lock, wireless lock etc...

• Familiar with UART, I2C, I2S, SPI.
• Familiar with hardware design with Atmel ATMega328P
• Familiar with firmware design on ATMega328P
• Integrate several kinds of hardware and module with ATMega328P


Zenu aroma machine

Zenu aroma machine can bring nature to your home.
Mist can be surrounding at Ali-mountain by unique mist flow design.

I designed this aroma machine with my good friends and partner from zero.
Every part of electricity in this machine is designed by me, including PCB and firmware design.
Cooperate with an industry designer and a Mechanical Engineer to build this beautiful aroma machine.



Spino is a transparent P.O.V. LED display.
All the data is streamed from a computer to the display through bluetooth.

Everything start from this scratch, it's the idea of Guillaume - my colleague in my internship.
I followed by scratch to build 7 prototypes, including mechanical, PCB and firmware in two months.
In the end of this internship, I success to help the teams to get into the startup accelerator in Estonia.


Taipei Tech

Electrical Engineering  •  2014 - 2018

Daan vocational high school 

Electrical Engineering  •  2011 - 2014

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