I Gusti A. Ayu Risma Pradnya Suwari

Hello, let me introduce myself. I am I Gusti A. Ayu Risma Pradnya Suwari can be called Ogek/Gunggek. I am a student who is still pursuing a bachelor's degree in English education at a private university in Bali "Mahasaraswati University" I am a person who is very interested in trying new things. I also like working with teamwork, I am a person who can be called a perfectionist, especially in terms of cleanliness, and I really like music. You could say that music is my best friend because I am always there to accompany whatever activities I do. I am very motivated to always improve my skills, and passionate and try my best to add ideas to my work so that the results can be accepted.

Work Experience

Receptionist & Accounting  •  Angels Boutique Hostel

February 2020 - October 2020

Yes, I worked in a hostel, which was relatively new because I was the only female employee at that time. When I worked there, I had more and more experience and I am also very happy if my work experience is varied. While working here, I came to know what a receptionist's desk job is like, because this is my first time knowing how to handle guests, back up guest arrivals, make guest registrations, serve guests well, and also other jobdesks that are not far from calculating finances, and record expenses and income, also make daily reports. Honestly, this job is quite comfortable for me, but because of the pandemic, my manager was forced to make the decision to reduce employees.

Staff Accouting  •  Sari Nusa Penida Cruise

July 2019 - October 2019

I worked as an accounting staff at a travel agent called "Sari Nusa Penida Cruise" for 1 month I underwent training and then officially became a staff for 2 months, briefly, because at that time I was following one of the organizations on campus, so my class schedule clashed with my working hours, making me have to give up my job. During my time working there I got a lot of experience,. It was especially my first job. There I learned how to input existing income and outgoing financial data, then managed and recorded every transaction made, and also made daily reports.


2019 - 2023

Universitas Mahasaraswati Denpasar

Faculty of Teacher Training and Education


  • Word
  • PowerPoint


  • English — Fluent
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