Oleg Anghelov

Sr. Engineering Manager

[email protected]

+373 792 57577

Chisinau, Republic of Moldova


  • Three years of experience as an Engineering Manager 
  • More than six years of experience in iOS Development, four of which are in Lead positions 
  • Since the beginning of my career I strived towards improving my technical and social skills and taking on higher levels of responsibility

Work Experience

Ellation, Senior Engineering Manager, Jan 2017 - Present 

Ellation, Inc. is a transformative entertainment company and home of industry-leading brands Crunchyroll, Rooster Teeth, and VRV. As part of Otter Media, a WarnerMedia company, Ellation operates at the intersection of technology and media to redefine the next wave of media interaction and consumption -- breaking down barriers to content experiences for passionate fans around the world. 
  • Head of the Living Room Experiences department
  • Managed a team that averaged at 10 developers
  • For two years in charge of 6 projects in active development going in parallel for different platforms
  • Later, responsible for developing a cross-platform solution to adopt most of the platforms
  • Main contributor in CI/CD efforts using Github, Jenkins, AWS.
  • Responsible for the professional growth of the team members
  • Ensure that every team member has all needed tools, devices, access levels
  • Setting out the product quality from the UI/UX perspective
  • Oversee architectural and technology adoption processes
  • Setting code quality and other technical standards inside the team
  • Performing efficient collaboration with related teams: QA, Automation, Product Owners, Product Design
  • Engage backend/service teams in case of any outage or dependency
  • Proactively participating in the Scrum-ceremonies
  • Representing the team in company's cross-team initiatives and kick-off meetings
  • Accountable for the team capacity, initiate and manage hiring processes when needed
  • Proactively participating in company events, conferences, marketing initiatives 
  • Hosted several conferences organized by the company
  • Organize team activities (off-sites, team-building, etc.)
  • Handling communication and collaboration between team members 

Yopeso, iOS Team Lead, Dec 2014 - Jan 2017

Yopeso is a company with passion for technology and is among the leading experts in agile software development and other BPO services. 


  • Joined to lead a long-term e-commerce iOS project that was initially developed by other company
  • Performed regular technical reviews for the whole iOS department (20+ developers)
  • Responsible of delivering an app with high level of performance
  • Lead a team that peaked at 4 iOS devs of different levels and 2 QA
  • Also provided top-level guidance for Android project before an Android Senior joined the project
  • Stayed as the main code contributor during all period
  • Pushed forward the use of best practices, culture of code reviews, proper git flow, unit tests
  • Always lead by example, in both technical and personal interaction
  • Mentored and helped grow the team members
  • Established a productive and respectful relationship between developers and QA
  • Main point of contact between the client and Yopeso (Product Owner was on the client side)
  • Under my lead, a project with poor architecture and bad code ended up:
    • fully following VIPER architecture
    • with most code rewritten in a clean manner following industry best practices
    • having over 80% code coverage in BDD-styled unit tests (Cedar), indicated percentage is non-UI code
    • being moved to CI/CD using Bitrise.io and fastlane
    • 100% of code followed a team-agreed convention
    • with properly groomed and set up xcodeproj, storyboard, and config files
  • All that achieved while still delivering features and releasing new versions
  • Promoted the implementation of modern technologies
  • Independently advocated all the necessary quality improvements with the client
  • Managed development and production certificates and profiles
  • Pushed back and proposed better alternatives when needed in the client's interest
  • Took part in Apple's workshops related to newly released technologies and APIs
  • Before the transition, helped find a new iOS lead by interviewing more than a dozen of iOS Seniors in a short period of time
  • Proactive participation in department meetings promoting clean code, best practices, soft skills
  • Proactive participation in company events, conferences, marketing initiatives
  • Hosted a mobile conference organized by the company
  • Actively contributed to hiring new developers for the iOS department
  • Coordinated new projects' kick-offs

Salt Edge, iOS Developer, Android Lead, Dec 2013 - Dec 2014

Salt Edge specializes in intercommunication and interoperability between FinTech and banks, banks and other banks, as well as banks and loan companies. 


  • Contributed to a personal finance manager iOS app
  • Worked in an environment where clean coding, industry best practices, and conventions are a heavy must
  • Participated in group code reviews
  • Contributed to Automation Tests using Cucumber and calabash
  • Contributed to database management using FMDB, migrations, advanced querying
  • Automated and parsed web pages using ruby, Watir, and similar tools for a data aggregation tool
  • Supervised the development of the Android app, in parallel with my main iOS Developer duties:
    • Lead and mentored a team of two Android developers
    • Contributed to the project
    • Extensive code reviews
    • Contributed to automation tests
    • Guided platform-agnostic decisions and architectural decisions
    • Wrote multiple bash scripts of various complexity: running automation tests in devices, upload builds to HockeyApp, build creation

Optimum, iOS Developer, Aug 2012 - Dec 2013

Optimum-Web is a software outsourcing company which provides all types of technology solutions including hardware products, software, services and consulting in most industries including small, medium, enterprise and public sector organizations from across the globe.


  • Worked as a single iOS developer on a huge variety of projects of various level of complexity
  • During all period, consistently broadened my knowledge in the field
  • Responsible for the full development and release cycle, starting with estimations and finishing with iTunesConnect releases
  • Helped the company get and maintain the Organization Apple Developer account
  • Narrowed down the technical requirements with the clients

Endava, iOS Developer, Nov 2011 - Aug 2012

Endava is a public technology company, with lots of experience of working with some of the world’s leading Finance, Insurance, Telecommunications, Media, Technology, and Retail companies. Through the Digital Evolution, Agile Transformation and Automation solutions, Endava helps its clients be more engaging, responsive, and efficient by supporting them from ideation to production.


  • Worked on Vodafone VR Retail app and Cadbury London Olympic volunteers' app 
  • Exposed to a corporate level of developing apps: conventions, code reviews, proper git flow
  • Developed complex custom UI elements
  • Deepened knowledge about Agile/Scrum processes
  • Attended customer care trainings on assertive communication

SoftInterCom, iOS Developer, Mar 2011 - Jun 2011

Small underground mobile development company that was working on its own applications.


  • Developed from scratch multiple small apps
  • Familiarized with a huge variety of iOS APIs and UI customization possibilities

Freelance, iOS Developer, Jan 2011 - Mar 2011

Working on a complex app under the mentorship of an iOS Senior.

  • Worked on iPad Quran app
  • Lucky to be initiated in the field by an iOS Senior who laid a great foundation
  • Learned how life gets easier if you just read the docs
  • Main technologies used were CoreText and CoreAudio


  • Russian: Native 
  • Romanian: Native 
  • English: Advanced 
  • German: Intermediate


Moldova State University

  • Master's Degree, Computer Science, 2012-2014
  • Bachelor Degree, Computer Science, 2008-2011

Conference Talks

  • DeveloperMD Offline 2014: Fail IT, “Failing in Mobile testing”, Chisinau, Republic of Moldova
  • DeveloperMD Offline 2015: I Code IT, “Healthy mind in a healthy code”, Chisinau, Republic of Moldova
  • Codeway 2015, “Healthy mind in a healthy code”, Chisinau, Republic of Moldova
  • Romobos 2016, “Fast paced delivery with a fast paced client”, Cluj-Napoca, Romania
  • Codecamp 2017, “Beyond Engineering”, Chisinau, Republic of Moldova
  • Romobos 2018, "Beyond Engineering", Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Sales & Leadership, Southwestern Advantage

Since 1868, Southwestern Advantage has offered a sales & leadership program that empowers university students with the tools, training, and coaching they need to build their own businesses and gain transferable life skills.
  • Participated for two years
  • Before each summer participated in intensive week-long professional sales, success, and leadership trainings with top speakers in the field
  • Sales each summer, during which relocated to Memphis, Tennessee, USA.
  • Ran my own business
  • Worked over 80 hours each week
  • Executed all the door-to-door cold-calling, presentations, order collection, inventorying, sales, accounting, planning and delivery

Student Manager and Independent Contractor, Sep 2010 - Sep 2011

After successfully finishing the summer in 2010, I was selected for the Student Manager Program.

  • Recruited, selected, trained and helped training newly selected top students in Moldavian Division for participation in Southwestern Internship Program
  • Organized and directed weekly sales meetings
  • Managed own selected team and helped managed other students from organization through 10 weeks of door-to-door sales
  • During the year participated in multiple sales, success, and leadership trainings in Chisinau and Prague
  • Improved personal sales in comparison with previous year with more than 30% in retail.

Independent Contractor, Sep 2009 - Sep 2010

  • During the year participated in multiple trainings, constantly preparing for the summer sales
  • Generated more than 13,000$ in retail in 3 months.

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