Albert Hu(SHIH-MING, HU)

I have 10+ years of experience in developing firmware, software, and algorithms.

In my job, I often work with people in different teams and positions to solve problems and achieve our goals. Sometimes, these people are not engineers, so I have to help them understand the issues. I also have to be able to understand their concerns, from their point of view. So, I am used to analyzing things from different perspectives, not only from an engineering perspective. This ability helps me to see problems from a wider angle and I am able to give more comprehensive solutions.

Sometimes, my role is a software engineer, developing useful software utilities to help speed up our process and efficiency.

Other times, my role is a firmware engineer, working together with hardware engineers to help verify and pinpoint hardware issues.

Another role I have played is as an algorithm researcher, working with product managers to collect and prove market requirements through prototype building.

Based on these different roles, I like to learn and study different fields, such as mechanical engineering, software engineering, electrical engineering, and product design. This has really helped me to better understand and communicate with other people in the team.

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Work Experience

Genesys Logic, Deputy Project Manager, Jan 2020 ~ Present

IP Verification on FPGA
- Work with IC designer to verify hardware on Xilinx FPGA; used ChipScope to capture signals to debug.
- Study Chisel language to design hardware modules (Using Chisel allows for hardware to be designed more like software.)

Fisheye AI Solutions
- Work with product managers to create new AI solutions based on a fisheye camera module; explore new market opportunities.
- Work with patent engineers to register patents for our techniques; registered two AI solutions patents under Genesys Logic.

Cross-Platform Library
- Develop software libraries to control the fisheye chip, which can be compiled to support different operating systems and bare metal environments.
- Used libraries successfully on Windows, Linux, MacOS, FreeRTOS and bare metal environments.

Genesys Logic, Senior Engineer, Dec 2017 ~ Jan 2020

Third-Party Collaboration
- Collaborated with a multinational corporation to develop a fisheye AI doorbell solution(ARM-Based MCU) that was demonstrated at the CES show.

In-House Software Utility
- Developed in-house software utilities(Qt-Based) in Windows for use in firmware development and factory production.

Machine Learning Research
- Studied machine learning algorithms(CNN-Based) and applied them to the fisheye solutions.

Ubiix, Software Engineer, Jul 2017 ~ Nov 2017

- Worked with frontend engineers and backend engineers to integrate a message delivery system.
- Developed a message delivery system that concatenated Line, WeChat, and Facebook Messenger with our message system.

Genesys Logic, Senior Engineer, Nov 2014 ~ Jul 2017

In-House Software Utility
- Developed a firmware flash tool(MFC-Based) in Windows based on USB DFU.

Document Scanner Software
- Developed a user space driver for WiFi and USB in Windows.
- Developed a library which supports multiple operating systems.

WiFi Performance Testing
- Developed an application on ThreadX to test throughput and latency.

Everfocus, Engineer, Sep 2011 ~ Oct 2014

- Participated on the codebase team to develop the next generation codebase, which was mainly designed for all products.
- Developed the Node.js APIs and integrated the IPC (Inter Process Communication) mechanism, which helps frontend developers communicate with firmware.

Network Video Recorder
- Developed the RTSP client and the RTSP server on x86 platform.
- Integrated firmware source code and releasing the latest firmware binary.

Digital Video Recorder
- Developed GUI applications in embedded Linux(ARM-Based SoC).
- Verified new hardware boards and cross compiled the necessary software onto new platforms.


Shu-Te University, Master’s Degree, Computer Science and Information Engineering, 2009 ~ 2011

Shu-Te University, Bachelor’s Degree, Computer Science and Information Engineering, 2004 ~ 2009

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