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Online Portfolio FAQs

Can I include videos in my Cake Resume Online Portfolio?

Yes! You can incorporate videos from YouTube, Vimeo, and Facebook. Besides, you can include a variety of multimedia elements such as Google Map, Gfycat, Gist, imgur, JSFiddle, MixCloud, SoundCloud, Twitter Tweet, etc., to make your digital portfolio on Cake more engaging and appealing.

Is Cake Online Portfolio free?

Yes. Cake Online Portfolio is completely free for registered users. We aim to help job seekers demonstrate talent and skills, and find the dream jobs.

Is Cake Online Portfolio mobile friendly?

Yes, Cake Online Portfolio supports responsive web design (RWD). Therefore, readers can view the digital portfolio easily on any devices, such as mobile, tablet, desktop, etc. Besides, the file size of Cake Online Portfolio is much smaller than an usual PDF portfolio, which largely improves page loading speed.

How can I connect my Cake Resume and Online Portfolio?

On your Cake page, you can choose to link your online portfolio to your resume. There’ll be an URL of your digital portfolio on the top of your Cake, enhancing your chance of getting an interview. More details on linking your digital portfolio to your Cake