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東吳大學 Soochow University
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Avatar of 邱琨育.
Avatar of Vera Weng.
HRBP | Recruitment | L&D
Avatar of Sunny Cheng.
Consultant at CareerVantage | Healthcare | FMCG
Recruitment Consultant
2023 ~ Present
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Avatar of Sandy Su.
Product Manager at KHS Musical Instruments | Product Management | Product Marketing | B2B Marketing | Brand Marketing
Logo of KHS Musical Instruments.
KHS Musical Instruments
Product Manager
2023 ~ Present
東吳大學 Soochow University
Avatar of Chloe Lee.
Logo of 國家表演藝術中心國家兩廳院.
公共溝通部 公關組實習生
2022 ~ 2023
Avatar of 締芮 程.
Logo of ADATA Technology Co., Ltd..
ADATA Technology Co., Ltd.
sales intern
2024 ~ Present
TA at 東吳大學 Soochow University
2022 ~ 2024