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detailed oriented computer hardware Engineer with a wealth of experience gained from working with prestigious companies such as Apple,samsung,hybrid techno.My expertise lies in IT, C++ front-end development, cybersecurity, machine learning, and robotics . I have build a few projects by myself and I am looking for a role where I can grow and learn from other experienced team members.
Innova IT solutions
Software Developer Intern
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Telecom Student at @AU| BETA Microsoft Learn Student Ambassador Ambassador | Google DSC Core '23 Social Media Lead | Social media manager | Ambassador to Godesign Tech | Active member of Communities at @AU| PUAN | Sports Enthusiast
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Air Startup Club
Social media lead
2023 ~ Present
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Seasoned Talent Acquisition Specialist | Headhunter |Academia Linkages | HR Operations | Building Winning Teams
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Talent Acquisition & Academia Linkage Executive
2021 ~ Present
Air University
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Looking for an opportunity in the field of Electrical( Electronics) Engineering and IOT | Electrical( Electronics) Engineer | Freelancer| Intern at Green Lambda Corporation| Intern at P.O.F, Wah Cantt.
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Telecom Engineer
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Project Intern
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Driven Customer Service Representative with Proven Track Record in Customer Satisfaction and Retention
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Inbox Business Technologies
Technical Support Analyst
2022 ~ 2023
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Microsoft Dynamics 365 FinOps Technical Consultant | Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 | X++ | C# | .NET Development | Web Development | Reporting | Database Management
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Dynamics Solutions LLC
Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&O Technical Consultant
2023 ~ Present
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Software Engineer at TEKenable | MERN | OpenAi | Python| NodeJS | REACT | .NET | Angular |Power Platforms & Dynamics 365 | Azure
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TEKenable Ltd
Full-stack Developer
2022 ~ Present
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"Empowering Minds Through Engaging Education: Physics and Math Teacher | Fostering Curiosity, Critical Thinking, and Success"
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Home Tuition
2019 ~ Present