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Avatar of Ernel Villafuerte.
Avatar of Aljon Francisco.
Barista/service crew
Avatar of Murafha N. Tulawie.
Call Center Agent
Izumi Wellness Center
Sales Representative
2019 ~ 2020
Avatar of Carmen Linda Domantay.
Team Manager / Operations Supervisor
Team Manager
2019 ~ 2021
Avatar of Ayra Kahal.
Young Advisor
Techmahindra Vcustomer Services
Customer Service Representative
2019 ~ Present
Avatar of Arvie Eugenio.
Sales Representative
Avatar of Sonnnywil Calibo.
Customer Service Representative
Customer Service Representative
2019 ~ Present
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Avatar of Shiela Jusayan.
8 years of experience in Softwar, Web Development and RPA. I uploaded some of my practice projects (https://github.com/panteroot?tab=repositories).
Logo of Fujitsu.
System Application Developer
2019 ~ 2022
System Developer at Ateneo de Zamboanga University
2014 ~ 2019