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Business Analyst | Product Owner| Quality Assurance at Telkom Indonesia
Logo of Telkom Indonesia.
Telkom Indonesia
Junior Product Owner
2023 ~ 2024
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Double Degree of Management and Information Systems Student in Binus University
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BPreneur (Binus Entrepreneur)
President of Binus Entrepreneur Kemanggisan
2023 ~ Present
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Project Coordinator
PT Parindo Jaya OWS
Project Coordinator
2020 ~ Present
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Information Technology Engineer at Mahkamah Agung Republik Indonesia
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Mahkamah Agung Republik Indonesia
Case Manager
2022 ~ Present
BINUS University
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Outsystems Developer at PT. Kairos Utama Indonesia
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PT. Kairos Utama Indonesia
Outsystems Developer
2023 ~ Present
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Software Engineer | GoTo Devcamp 2023 Alumni
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GoTo Group
GoTo Devcamp Class of 2023