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Chang Gung University
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Avatar of 姚源益.
Junior Backend Developer
2021 ~ Present
Avatar of Tzuju Wang.
Regional Sales Account Manager
Antec, Inc
Regional Account Manager
2023 ~ Present
Avatar of Ian Lin.
AI software engineer
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AI Software Engineer
2024 ~ Present
Avatar of 侯舒懷.
英業達公司 System Integration Test
Avatar of Ying-Jia Lin.
Logo of National Cheng Kung University.
National Cheng Kung University
Research Assistant
2019 ~ 2024
Chang Gung University
Avatar of li Ryoko.
A Frontend Engineer
Logo of Skywatch Innovation Inc..
Skywatch Innovation Inc.
Frontend Engineer
2022 ~ Present
Avatar of Lam Doan.
Business Development Executive at Shopee
Logo of Shopee.
Business Development Executive
2020 ~ 2022
Avatar of sharon.
Chamberlain Group Junior Firmware Engineer
Chamberlain Group
Junior Firmware Engineer
2020 ~ 2023
Avatar of 莊雅婷.
Avatar of Chang Encho.
Business Development Executive/Clinical Trainer /International Sales Manager /Product manager for Pico and QS lasers /Marketing consultant in aesthetic industry
Trufacial | Skin Rejuvenation Device
Business Development Manager
2024 ~ Present