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Laboratory Manager 位於 Suntec Medical
Suntec Medical
Laboratory Manager
2020 ~ Present
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Mediacl Laboratory Scientist and Laboratory IT Talent
TuCheng Chang-Gung Memorial Hospital
Medical Laboratory Technologist
2022 ~ Present
Avatar of 阿松.
Front-End Developer
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AppWorks School
Frontend Developer
2024 ~ Present
Avatar of 陳翊珣.
RAQA Associate CooperVision
RAQA Associate
2022 ~ 2024
Avatar of 鄭偉辰.
Senior HR
精英電腦 (台灣)
Senior Human Resources Specialist
2022 ~ Present
Avatar of 謝宜君.
Quality Assurance Specialist
2020 ~ 2024
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HeadHunter/Recruitment Consultant at People-Oriented
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資拓宏宇國際股份有限公司 International Integrated Systems, Inc. Project Manager
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HRBP at PressPlay Academy
Logo of PressPlay.
2022 ~ Present
Chung Shan Medical University