Cornell University
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Managing Director/Founder
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Cornell University
Candidate in the Executive Certificate Program in Hospitality Management at Cornell University
2024 ~ Present
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Chief Executive Officer & Chairman of the Board at Ashford Inc.
Ashford Hospitality Trust
Co-Founder & Chairman
2017 ~ Present
Cornell University
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Web Developer II
2020 ~ 2022
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Principal Engineer / Director
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Charter Communications
Principal Engineer, System Architecture & Core
2020 ~ 2023
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Senior Front-End Developer
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Chemist Confessions Inc.
Senior Front-End Developer
2023 ~ Present
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Info Sci @ Cornell | Content Creator (500k+) | Marketing @ Rewind AI | Creative @ Dentsu, Vietcetera Media
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Rewind AI
Growth Marketing Intern
2024 ~ Present
Cornell University
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Senior Engineer at John Crane
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John Crane
Senior Engineer
2022 ~ Present