Georgia Institute of Technology
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Data Analyst at
Data Analyst
2023 ~ Present
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Fresh Graduate | Bachelor in Guidance and Counseling
SMA Batik 2 Surakarta
High School Counselor
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Avatar of 黃哲宣 Michael Huang.
Product Marketing|Server Manufacturing|OEM
Logo of Foxconn Industrial Internet.
Foxconn Industrial Internet
General Manager Office Manager | Product Marketing Manager
2021 ~ Present
Avatar of Tati Wake.
Designing, Developing AMR/AGV 's for Automation systems
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Job Seeker
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MS Robotics @ Georgia Tech | Python, MATLAB, ROS2
Logo of Dell Technologies.
Dell Technologies
Junior Software Engineer
2022 ~ 2023
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Data Analytics Analyst
Logo of London Stock Exchange Group.
London Stock Exchange Group
Data Analytics Analyst
2021 ~ Present
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Back-End Developer
Back-End Engineer