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Institute for Information Industry
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Avatar of 高振倫.
Senior Engineer
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MediaTek Inc.
Data Engineer
2019 ~ Present
Associate Engineer at Institute for Information Industry
2016 ~ 2018
Avatar of Ayleen Chen 陳彥伶.
Staff at MOFA (Taiwan, R.O.C.)
Trainee at Institute for Information Industry
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Operations Manager Offshore APAC
Avatar of Kev Chang.
Supply Chain Specialist at Advantech Corp
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Supply Chain Specialist
2021 ~ 2023
Avatar of Ariel Chen.
Front-End Developer
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Front-End Developer
2016 ~ Present
Avatar of 林裕衡.
Project Manager
WISTRON Corporation
Project Manager
2016 ~ Present
Software System Analyst at Institute For Information Industry
2002 ~ 2006
Avatar of Aditya Tandra.
A confident and trustworthy candidate for any kind of job. Able to cope with all unexpected situations, quick to adapt and understand multiple languages.
Avatar of Becky Hung.
Product Designer | UIUX Designer | Front-end Developer
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UI/UX Designer
2022 ~ Present
Avatar of Test.
Frontend Engineer