Massachusetts Institute of Technology
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Avatar of Cheng Wei Lin.
Logo of Wistron Corporation.
Wistron Corporation
Senior Software Engineer
2020 ~ 2021
Visiting Engineer at Massachusetts Institute of Technology
2018 ~ 2019
Avatar of Ren Tao.
Vice President of Technology
Avatar of Norman John Brodeur.
Nuclear Physicist
MIT Draper Labs
Norman John Brodeur
1985 ~ Present
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Entpreneur of Algorithmic Trading
MIT Men’s basketball team
Head of Team Community Service
2015 ~ 2016
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Final year undergraduate student
Logo of University of Indonesia.
University of Indonesia
Plant Physiology Laboratory Teaching Assistant
Avatar of Nick Mitsakos.
Investor, Entrepreneur, U.S., Asia @ Machine Learning Software Company
Machine Learning Software Company
Investor, Entrepreneur, U.S., Asia
1989 ~ Present
Avatar of Angelica Knudsen.
Altru Health System
Information Technology Internship
2021 ~ 2022