Nanyang Technological University Singapore
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I help transform and scale ambitious businesses #MadeInVietnam #Startups. I support and drive new startup initiatives in #TechFest #Vietnam
Logo of NFQ.
Head of Delivery
2023 ~ 2024
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BofA Etrading SWE | NTU 2024
Logo of Bank of America Merrill Lynch.
Bank of America Merrill Lynch
Technology Analyst
2024 ~ Present
Software Engineer at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
Nanyang Technological University Singapore
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Cofounder & CEO at Micepad
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Cofounder & CEO
2013 ~ Present
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Postdoctoral Research Fellow at NEWRI Ecosystem
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NEWRI Ecosystem
Postdoctoral Research Fellow
2023 ~ Present
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Semiconductor | EEE graduate
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Infineon Technologies
Product Master Data Management specialist
2023 ~ Present
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Professor in Intelligent Systems | AI, Robotics, Sensing Systems, Healthcare | Editor | Stepping into Entrepreneurship |
Avatar of Chan T A.
Senior Logistics & Operations Officer
Logo of WEnergy Global Pte Ltd.
WEnergy Global Pte Ltd
Senior Logistics & Operations Officer
2022 ~ Present
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Tax Associate at KPMG Singapore
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KPMG Singapore
Tax Planning & Compliance Associate
2024 ~ Present
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Undergraduate at Nanyang Technological University
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Maison 21G
Marketing & Public Relations Intern
2024 ~ Present