Nanyang Technological University
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Direktur Pemeringkatan
PT Pemeringkat Kredit Indonesia
Direktur Pemeringkatan
2021 ~ Present
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Postdoctoral Research Fellow at NEWRI Ecosystem
Logo of NEWRI Ecosystem.
NEWRI Ecosystem
Postdoctoral Research Fellow
2023 ~ Present
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Professor in Intelligent Systems | AI, Robotics, Sensing Systems, Healthcare | Editor | Stepping into Entrepreneurship |
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Machine Learning Quant
Freelancer / Self employed
Machine Learning Quant
2014 ~ Present
Nanyang Technological University
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Software Engineer
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Senior Frontend Engineer
Senior Front-end Engineer
2021 ~ 2023
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Software Engineer currently pursuing a Master's in Financial Technology at Nanyang Technological University Singapore.
Software Engineer
2020 ~ 2023
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