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生成式 AI 顧問
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Product Supervisor at Pan German Motors Ltd., BMW Importer
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Trade Processing Specialist at UBS|Interested in Risk Management, Trading, Strategic Planning Role in Financial Industry.
Trade Processing Specialist,Ops Securities Management
2021 ~ Present
National Chengchi University
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Kenda Tires Export sales
Kenda Tires
Export Sales
2021 ~ Present
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國立台灣大學 Master Student
National Chengchi University
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Graduate Student @UoM Marketing | Actively seeking for marketing analyst in Australia/Taiwan
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University of Melbourne
Market Intelligence Intern
National Chengchi University
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Consultant | Software | Logistics & Supply Chain | Multi-Industry
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MBA candidate at National Chengchi University
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MUSINESS Commercial Copyright Music Company
Marketing Intern in the Marketing Departmen