Logo of National Chi Nan University.
National Chi Nan University
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Project Manager
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Business Analytst
Logo of Titansoft Pte Ltd.
Titansoft Pte Ltd
Business Analytst
2023 ~ Present
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Sales Supervisor - OwlPay 位於 奧丁丁集團 OwlTing Group
Logo of 奧丁丁集團 OwlTing Group.
奧丁丁集團 OwlTing Group
Sales Supervisor - OwlPay
2022 ~ Present
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One year SEO specialist working experience. Has been an marketing assistant works for Trip.com.
Logo of WJP packaging - Wan Jeou Pyng.
WJP packaging - Wan Jeou Pyng
Social Media Marketing Specialist
2022 ~ Present
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Logo of IBM Taiwan.
IBM Taiwan
Application Developer
2022 ~ Present
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Associate Consultant @ Osmium Consulting Group | IT
Logo of Osmium Consulting Group.
Osmium Consulting Group
Associate Consultant
2023 ~ Present
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Software Engineer
Logo of Hitron Technologies Inc..
Hitron Technologies Inc.
Back End Developer
2022 ~ 2023