National Chung Cheng University
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ASML DUV UIR Group Leader
DUV UIR Section Manager
2021 ~ 2024
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Remote Service Engineer
Agilent Technologies
Remote Service Engineer
2015 ~ 2022
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Senior Project Coordinator 位於 WinWin PR Communications & Marketing
WinWin PR Communications & Marketing
Senior Project Coordinator
2022 ~ Present
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Digital Transformation Project Manager @ Advantech
Digital Transformation Project Manager
2022 ~ Present
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Technical Supervisor @ Atrust Computer Corp
Atrust Computer Corp
Technical Supervisor
2019 ~ Present
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Senior Software Engineer
Senior Software Engineer
2021 ~ Present
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Sr. Engineer at HTC
Logo of HTC.
Research And Development Engineer
2018 ~ Present
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瑞基海洋生物科技股份有限公司 GeneReach Biotechnology Corp. Product Development Manager