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Senior Mobile Developer
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Senior Mobile Developer
2023 ~ Present
Senior Mobile Developer at Potix Corporation
2015 ~ 2023
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CTO/R&D Manager
Flashaim Inc
R&D Manager
2017 ~ Present
Software Engineer at Potix Corporation
2011 ~ 2014
Avatar of Sam Chuang.
Senior JavaScript | Frontend | Web Application Developer
Alliance Computer Systems Ltd
Frontend Team Lead
2019 ~ 2020
Senior Software Engineer at Potix Corporation
2009 ~ 2013
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Web Designer
Potix Corporation
Web Designer
2019 ~ 2022
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Global Product Marketing Specialist @ ASUSTeK Computer Inc.
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ASUSTeK Computer Inc.
Global Product Marketing Specialist
2021 ~ Present
SEO Link Building Intern at Potix Corporation
2020 ~ 2021
Avatar of Lauren Lu.
Sr. Product Designer
Logo of Appier 沛星互動科技.
Appier 沛星互動科技
Senior UX designer
2021 ~ 2024
Web UI Designer at Potix Corporation
2018 ~ 2019
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Senior UI/UX Designer
Avatar of zanyking Tsai.
A software developer that works on framework development before, then application development later, now interested in general Backend technologies
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Staff Software Engineer
2023 ~ Present
Senior Software Engineer at Potix Corporation
2007 ~ 2013
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Senior DevOps/SRE Engineer
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Gogoro Taiwan Limited
Senior DevOps Engineer
2020 ~ 2022
MIS Engineer at Potix Corporation
2013 ~ 2018
Avatar of Crystal.
Client Relations & Content Manager
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Medical Augmented Intelligence
Client Relations & Content Manager
2022 ~ Present
Community Manager at Potix Corporation
2015 ~ 2018