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Avatar of Ying-Jou (Zoe) Lee.
Biochemistry student at Purdue University | Biochemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Mass Spectrometry, GCMS, HPLC | Marketing Intern
Merck Life Science
Marketing Intern
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Communications professional looking for full time remote opporunities.
Communications Specialist and Team Lead
2022 ~ Present
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UX Design Student
Avatar of sonny huang.
Avatar of ANDREW KIM.
Purdue University
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White Lodging
Banquet Server
2024 ~ Present
Avatar of Wei-Chen Ma.
Purdue University | Major in Computer Graphics Technology
ANATEK Enterprise
Operation Intern
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Avatar of Evonne T.
AussieCampervans & Car Rental
Avatar of Sylvia Tsai.
UX Designer & Researcher | MS in Computer Graphic Technology
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National Chengchi University
Research Assistant
2019 ~ 2021