Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad
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Student of International Relations| Freelancer | Digital Marketing | Content Writer | Blog Writer | Research Writer
TCA Online CSPs Academy
Social Media Marketing Manager
2022 ~ Present
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Graduate in Biotechnology
Abacus Consulting
Customer Relations Officer
I am a passionate and determined individual, constantly seeking new challenges and opportunities for growth. With a strong focus on continuous learning, I thrive in dynamic environments that encourage creativity and innovation. As an excellent communicator and collaborator, I enjoy working with diverse teams to achieve common goals. My commitment to excellence drives me to deliver outstanding results in everything I do. Outside of my professional pursuits, I find fulfillment in giving back to the community and maintaining a healthy work-life balance.
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Business Operations Manager at VTT Global Pvt. Limited
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VTT Global Pvt. Limited
Business Operations Manager
2020 ~ Present
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Visiting Lecturer | Zoology
Royal National College
Visiting Lecturer
2023 ~ Present
Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad
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Creative Content Writer || Blogger|| Content Strategist || Illustrator ||Creative Graphic Designer || Photographer
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S2S Marketing
Creative content writer / Blogger
2022 ~ Present
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React js | Node js | Graph QL | Cloud Functions | Cloud Tasks | Cloud Scheduler | Cloud Workflows | Looker | Big Query | Apollo | Firebase | Material UI
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Bitsol Technologies
Senior Web Engineer
2023 ~ Present
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Consultant and Addiction Specialist