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1.English/Amharic translator
Remote Job
English/Amharic translator
2020 ~ 2021
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Electrical Engineer and Full Stack Developer
Remote job
Full stack Engineer
2022 ~ Present
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Remote Job
Online Tutor
2021 ~ Present
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B.Tech in Computer Science.Knowledge of C,Java, and Python.Ability to create innovative, creative, & interactive web designs to boost customer engagement. Sound knowledge in HTML5, JQuery, React.js, & other UI frameworks. Build reusable code for future use while optimising web performance.Passionate individual with great interpersonal and communication skills.
Remote Job
Software Trainee
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Software Architect, Team-Lead, Tech-Lead, CTO, Software Development, Software Design, Database Design, Business Logic Design, Software Engineering.
2022 ~ 2023
Java mobile, Java back-end and Android developer at Remote job