Rotary International
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Senior Digital Marketing Specialist
Logo of portto 門戶科技 | Blocto.
portto 門戶科技 | Blocto
Senior Digital Marketing Specialist
2021 ~ Present
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Serial Entrepreneur | Backpacker | Nomad in the world ✈️
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Pie Tap Pizza Workshop Bar
2019 ~ Present
American Student Ambassador at Rotary International
2016 ~ 2017
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Psychology Student at Krida Wacana Christian University
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Universitas Kristen Krida Wacana
Student Mentor of Basic Career Psychology
2023 ~ 2024
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Rotex @ Rotary International
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Marketing Student at UT Dallas
SourceEC Gifts Limited
Search Engine Optimization Copywriter Intern
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Flight Attendant
Air Belgium
Flight Attendant
2019 ~ Present
Exchange Student at Rotary International
2011 ~ 2012
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Logo of inline 樂排股份有限公司.
inline 樂排股份有限公司
Dispatch Intern
Team Member at Rotary International
2017 ~ 2018