Sanata Dharma University
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Passionate Chemistry Educator with a Bachelor's degree in Chemistry Education from Sanata Dharma University. Possessing a strong sense of responsibility and high creativity skills, demonstrated through 1 year of teaching experience in high school with the Cambridge curriculum. Equally adept at thriving in both individual and teamwork settings. Eager to leverage my expertise to contribute effectively while continuously learning and adapting to new challenges.
Global Prestasi School Bandung
Chemistry Teacher
2023 ~ Present
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Software Quality Assurance
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Software Quality Assurance
2021 ~ 2024
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Digital Illustrator and Graphic Designer
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Fresh Graduate of Informatics | Content Writer.
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I never dreamed of being successful. I work for it
HY Utama
2022 ~ Present
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Reservation Supervisor at Yogyakarta Marriott Hotel
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Marriott Hotels
Reservations Supervisor
2022 ~ Present
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2023 ~ Present
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English Teacher | English <> Indonesian Translator
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Lister Education Pte Ltd
English Tutor
2023 ~ Present