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Avatar of Guy Chien.
Frontend Developer
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Pinkoi Inc.
Frontend Developer ( Platform )
2022 ~ 2023
Product Developer at Titansoft - 新加坡商鈦坦科技
2019 ~ 2020
Avatar of Savannah Shih.
Avatar of Chikuo Chen.
Senior Full Stack Developer
Avatar of Dino Lai.
Technical Integration Manager
Innovation Digital
Product Manager
2024 ~ Present
Technical Consultant at Titansoft - 新加坡商鈦坦科技
2018 ~ 2020
Avatar of 應宗樺 Potter Ying.
UIUX Design Team Lead
Logo of 智鈦星平台服務有限公司.
Sr. UIUX Designer
2022 ~ Present
UIUX Designer(E10) at Titansoft - 新加坡商鈦坦科技
2021 ~ 2022