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👨🏼‍💻 Back-end software engineer @ VMware Carbon Black, experienced in Java | Spring Boot | AWS | Kubernetes | Docker
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VMware Carbon Black
Software Engineer
2021 ~ Present
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Senior Consultant
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Human Resources
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Senior Executive, Human Resources
2023 ~ Present
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Headhunter | Recruitment Consultant at Adecco
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Associate Consultant
2022 ~ Present
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Aspiring Business Management Professional with Internship Experience in Accounting | Passionate in Finance, Music, and Photography | Currently Pursuing BSc in Business Management at University of Birmingham"
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Vice President, International Sales Division
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Dinkle Headquarters
Vice President Of International Sales
2022 ~ Present
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Passionate Psychology Graduate | Mental Health Advocate
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Account Manager, Sr. at Qualcomm
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Account Manager, Sr.
2015 ~ Present