University of Chicago
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Avatar of Dr. Vishnu Subramani.
M.D, Internal Medicine and Obesity Specialist
Avatar of Joyce Fu 傅姵婷.
MACSS-Econ Student at University of Chicago
Avatar of YI-CHIEN LEE.
Frontend enthusiast
Logo of Pegatron.
Software Engineer
2022 ~ Present
Avatar of Christine Yan.
Software Engineer at Microsoft
Software Engineer
2020 ~ Present
Avatar of Colin.
Senior Support Engineer
Stats Perform
Senior Support Engineer
2008 ~ Present
Assistant Men's Basketball Coach at University of Chicago
2013 ~ 2016
Avatar of Mark Fasciano.
CEO/Co-Founder at Rover Diagnostics
Rover Diagnostics
2018 ~ Present
Avatar of Paul Saunders - James River Capital.
James River Capital
Founder and Principal
1995 ~ Present