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Avatar of Lufthi Kautsar.
Graphic Designer
Avatar of Mayra Putri.
SALT Academy
UI UX scholarship
2023 ~ Present
Avatar of Anang fajrul.
Tenaga Ahli Anggota di DPR-RI
Avatar of Nurjannah.
Freshgraduate of Islamic Business Universitas Indonesia
Yayasan Dar El-Iman Kota Padang
Bendahara Keuangan
2023 ~ Present
Avatar of Juan Tirtayana.
Junior Consultant Penetration Tester at ITSEC Asia | OSCP | eJPT
Junior Consultant Penetration Tester
2023 ~ Present
Avatar of yoviandri Satrio.
Attended University of Indonesia
Honda Prospect Motor
Purchasing Department
2017 ~ Present
Avatar of sheila fachriza.
Fresh Graduate of Biology
PT Bank Central Asia Tbk (BCA)
Administration UPPA BCA
2022 ~ Present
Laboratory Assistant at University of Indonesia
2019 ~ 2020
Avatar of Shiva Riana.
Third Year Undergraduate Business Administration Student at Universitas Indonesia
Logo of PT. Erajaya Swasembada, Tbk..
PT. Erajaya Swasembada, Tbk.
Market Research Intern
2024 ~ Present
Avatar of Khairina Adilah.
Undergraduate Islamic Economics Student at University of Indonesia
Avatar of Rakha Davin Bani Alamsyah.
Undergraduate Information Systems Student at University of Indonesia | Multimedia Staff at BEM UI 2024 | UI/UX Staff at BEM UI 2024
Logo of BEM UI 2024.
BEM UI 2024
2024 ~ Present