University of Kansas
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Software Manager and Architect with extensive experience in Cloud
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Graduate candidate
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Shopify | Shopify Plus Developer
Infopulse Ukraine LLC
Frontend Developer
2020 ~ 2023
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Electrical engineer with a proven track record in multitasking across various roles, now aspiring to leverage my strong problem-solving skills, analytical mindset, and programming expertise to excel in a data science career. Experienced in cross-functional collaboration, debugging, and automation, I'm adept at effectively conveying complex technical insights to diverse audiences.
Data Scientist Fellow
NYC Data Science Academy
2023 ~ Present
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Managing Editor | Copywriter | Content Strategist
Solid Ventures
Freelance Copywriter | Contract
2021 ~ Present
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Education Professional
Synergy Services
Resiliency Specialist
2022 ~ Present
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U.S. Army
Commander of an Armored Brigade Combat Team
2019 ~ 2021
University of Kansas
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Research Program Fellow
JayDoc Free Health Clinic
Community Resources Internship
2019 ~ 2021
Peer-Led Undergraduate Supplements Director at University of Kansas
2018 ~ 2021
University of Kansas Honors Program
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Senior Software Engineer
Garmin International, Inc.
Senior Software Engineer
2017 ~ 2021