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AI | Cancer Researcher at Taipei Med Uni, Taiwan | Research Scholar HMS
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Business Administration graduate student @ National Taiwan University
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YFY Inc.
Data Analyst Intern
2023 ~ 2024
University of Oxford
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Software Engineer
Content Creator
2021 ~ Present
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Author | Founder and CEO | Leadership and Ethics | Navy SEAL
The Greitens Group
Author: Resilience, The Warrior's Heart, The Heart & The Fist, Strength & Compassion
2008 ~ Present
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AI R&D @ DENSO Corporation
DENSO Corporation
2018 ~ Present
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Beauty Spa
Amitas Xpress Spa
2006 ~ 2023
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Fantasy Khiladi is an online sports blogging and news platform that allows users to Increase their knowledge and information for various sports
Fantasy khiladi
Sports Writer
2021 ~ Present