University of Washington
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Software Engineer | Frontend development and UI design
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ZAP Surgical Systems, Inc.
Software Engineer
2021 ~ 2023
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Product Designer & Manager | Informatics HCI @ University of Washington
Design For America
Product Designer
2023 ~ Present
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Experienced Full-Stack Engineer | Transforming User Experiences with Cutting-Edge Web Technologies | Passionate about Delivering Beautiful and Intuitive User Interfaces
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Full Stack Engineer
2019 ~ 2023
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Talent @ elmntri
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2022 ~ Present
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Hyphen Works
2021 ~ 2023
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Student at University of Washington
Kid Developing
Administrative and Teaching Assistant
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Business analyst | MBA in Finance, BTech in CS | Agile, Power BI, Python
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Business Analyst
2023 ~ Present
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IT new grad at University of Washington
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Battery Engineer
University of Washington
Graduate Student Researcher
2022 ~ 2023