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Objectives:AI Engineer,
Computer Vision Application Engineer

Hi!I am Shen.I have a master's degree. I graduated from Yuan Ze University in Engineering and Management. Familiar with Python and R language, can make good use of artificial intelligence, deep learning, image processing,statistical analysis, data analysis and text mining, etc.  I also have used the Flexsim 3D simulation system to build various production process models. I hope to find the best solution through the simulation process, and get the most cost-effective.   

 In the first job, I completed the development of software required in the manufacturing process, and gradually improved the difficulties encountered in the company's manufacturing process through digital presentation. From March to July 2019, I joined my friend's team, ZhAOI Technology Co., LTD., to participate in the embedded Innovation and Development competition held by the Industrial Bureau of the Ministry of Economy and the international large manufacturer NVIDIA, and finally won the Best Application Innovation Award.

In August 2019, I worked as an automation engineer for Orient Semiconductor Electronics Co., LTD., executing projects during my term :
1.AI assisted AOI artificial re-judgment, which can judge and detect more than 10 kinds of electronic parts defects, improve the working rate and increase the machine's pass rate by 14%。 
2.Automatic IC sorting replaces the original sorting manpower and shortens the sorting time by about 795 seconds/batch, and saves on-site outsourcing costs through self-made machines: $334,590。

And,many AI import and landing experiences :AI measuring time, OCR, object count... And so on.
I hope that, through my own experience and technology, I can work with your company to pursue outstanding achievements! Thank you for taking the time to read.

Work Experience

Orient Semiconductor Electronics  Automation engineer,Aug.2019 -Now 

Job description: 

  • Develop automation software and hardware in the factory: automation machine, numerical digitalization.
  • Development defect detection machines: AOI, AI-AOI.
  • AI introduction: man-hour measurement, Prognostic and Health Management , factory intelligence.

Kinik Company Industrial engineerJan.2018 -Mar.2019

Job description: 

  • Measuring working hours.
  • Motion improvement.
  • Layout planning.
  • In-factory automation import.

Yuan Ze University Teaching AssistantSep.2015 -Sep.2016 

During master years,help professors teaching prior preparation, marking and teach the university student job and exam paper and participate in the research program. Learning to text mining in R language and use flexsim for 3D modeling and simulation analysis production line.


Tech Stack

   python     C#     R language    Halcon    Machine learning  Deep  learning 


  visual studio  Pychram      Raspberry pi      Git      Tensorflow      OpenCV   


Project 1-

AI assisted AOI manual rejudgment

AOI judged that the Fail parts should be reviewed by personnel, because there will be defects if there are too many reviews by personnel.
Increase capacity utilization through AI judgment instead of review personnel. It can detect defects of more than 10 kinds of electronic parts, reduce the time of AOI adjustment, improve the running rate and increase the straight-through rate by 14%.

Project 2-Automatic IC sorting

Automatic sorting replaces personnel sorting, saves labor costs and shortens the sorting time, reduces the error caused by repetitive operation fatigue, and can automatically calculate the number of materials to replace personnel counting.
Visual identification, optical positioning correction, to ensure the quality of material sorting, machine stability of material sorting, according to the time of each batch, through automatic material sorting can replace the original material manpower and shorten the material sorting time by about 795 seconds/batch, through the self-made outsourcing cost: $334,590.

Project 3- Intelligently collecting man-hours instead of personnel measurements

IE in the past encountered quotation or engineering improvement, often use code table and form, to measure the working hours; Through the system set up and the introduction of artificial intelligence, instead of the past way, reduce the cost of engineering labor, and automatically send WIP report, time report for the use of engineering personnel.

Project 4-Automatic detection LED

Due to customer's complaint of short circuit of one board, it will take about 40 hours more total working time during the reworking period. During the test, only the customer fixture is used for testing, without log records. Automatic optical testing equipment can be added to assist the testing during personnel operation. Avoid personnel operation error.

Project 5-Intelligent reel counting

If the operator violates SOP for efficiency during material sorting, identify whether the operator violates SOP through object detection and inform the supervisor with communication software in time.

Project 6- Finished product appearance inspection

The system automatically judges the red spot defects caused by the manufacturing process, and through machine vision combined with artificial intelligence, improves the labor cost caused by artificial visual.

Nvidia&HackIDB  Embedded system development competition

During march to July in 2019, to join friends team-ZHAOI technology,
To participate in the HackIDB competition launched by the industrial bureau of the ministry of economic affairs and NVIDIA, an large international factory, to promote the cultivation of "artificial intelligence" innovative technologies and promote intelligent innovative applications.
In the process of the game as an AI algorithm and model developer, and through the PyQt GUI written in combination with NVIDIA ® JETSON AGX Xavier ™ development kit successfully with the method of artificial intelligence, automatically secondary judgment through the current AOI defect detection output images, to replace the manual interpretation,and finally won the best application innovation award!


I paid much attention to my learning experience, and actively obtained interested certificates when I was a student.Such as:

  • Chinese institute of industrial engineers certificate
  • Accredited Purchasing Specialist
  • Especially in figure 4, EPC global certification is a professional certification related to RFID(Radio Frequency IDentification)  system
  • Certificate for emergency medical technician

Master's degree 


EMT(emergency medical technician)   

Extracurricular Activities 

Orient Semiconductor Electronics Engineering Competition, 2020-2021

2020 - Gold Medal ,report title: Intelligently Collecting Hours instead of Personnel Measurement
2021 - Silver Medal, report title: Automated IC Sorting

Participate in the Nvidia&HackIDB Embedded system development competition

Best application innovation award in the Nvidia&HackIDB Embedded system development competition

The Hualien County Fire Department player, May.2017

2017 Won the second prize in  The Hualien County Dragon Boat Race

Fan Sir Combat Academy player,Jun.2016

2016 Get Third in The Taoyuan City martial Championship

Asian Network for Quality Congress Staff,Sep.2015

Asian Network for Quality Congress, Participation in this event was to assist session chairs with presentations and facilitate the processing of transactions and to help speakers to upload slides.

YZU Midi student association president,Sep.2013 - Sep. 2014 

As President during the event part list:

  • 2013/10 桃園有愛擁抱希望 路得夢想號交通車勸募計畫 表演 
  • 2013/12 元智聖誕音樂會 主辦 
  • 2014/05 飢餓30在元智 表演 
  • 2014/05 無限花序 八社音樂會 主辦 

YZU industrial engineering and management volleyball team player


  • 2014 Taoyuan area of business management department Volleyball Championship
    YZUIEM Volleyball Team-Champion
  • 2015  Taiwan colleges and universities Industrial Engineering Volleyball Championship
    YZUIEM Volleyball Team-Champion

YZU industrial engineering and management  Student Activities Team Leader

As team leaders in the camps during university, to help new students to know each other.
Through missions , we can have a better understanding of ourselves and learn the determination to lead the team to continue to move forward even in adversity.


Using Text mining in the Process Analysis of A Specific Domain on the Constituent of Terms–Case Study of The TRA Cruise-Style Trains(master's thesis)

Interpreters often learning focus on language and literature. But there is a big difference of special terms of translation among different yield. Therefore, this study used text-mining techniques, based on specific areas file input, to quickly identify the keywords and the keyword theming for the interpreter, helping the user to find key terms in various fields and to correct and prettify the sentences.

Systematic layout planning(research papers in college)

Using the algorithm of plant layout and software optimization layout analysis and comparison, finally the original cost per unit product will be reduced by about 25%.

The diagram is the flow chart of product production. There are still areas for improvement in the process path of product handling.

We hope to improve the relative position between departments by systematic layout planning (SLP) to make the production process more smooth. 


Music let me keep the focus. More importantly music makes a better human life better!

If I were not a physicist, I would probably be a musician. I often think about music. I live my daydreams in music. I see my life in terms of music. - Albert Einstein
( theoretical physicist)

Photography such as the eyes. Record the most beautiful place in Taiwan with my perspective.
Beauty is everywhere. It is not that she is lacking to our eye, but our eyes which fail to perceive her. - Auguste Rodin (sculptor.)

Muay-Thai or Thai boxing is a combat sport in Thailand.In the activity, in addition to strong and when an emergency occurs to protect themselves., It's a great way to express stress.

Hiking makes me stronger. When facing the magnificent mountain feel human minor, but also felt as a human tough。

If they can make penicillin out of moldy bread, they can sure make something out of you. - Muhammad Ali (professional boxer)

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