從1996年建廠開始,我們陸續在中國、越南與印尼三地設廠,保持彈性靈活的經營管理一直是我們深信的理念,在不影響財務穩定度與品質之下,我們持續提昇產能,加強生產技術,與縮短生產週期。 我們最大的任務是配合客戶做出夢想中的設計並兼顧生產效益性與速度。相信賜昌可以為客戶的各種需求找到解答與最佳的生產的方法。 以賜昌的規模,我們有能力提供優秀的員工與良好的工廠與每個品牌合作。但同時也保有彈性生產的能力,持續改善與擴充產能以符合客戶的需求。 From our beginnings in 1996, we have believed in and practiced smart business; taking calculated risks that advance our capacity, technology and speed, without jeopardizing our financial stability or compromising quality. Our highest priority is to do business in a way that allows our clients topush the boundaries of great footwear design with economy in production and speed in delivery. Trust Freetrend to find production solutions that answer their varied needs. Freetrend is large enough to offer dedicated staff and factories to every brand we work with, yet remain small enough to keep production flexible. We are always improving and expanding to meet and exceed our clients expectations. 生產製造國際知名品牌運動鞋:高技術性的慢跑鞋、足球鞋、籃球鞋、多功能鞋、網球鞋、高爾夫球鞋、羽球鞋,都是我們所擅長的。 Freetrend cooperate with worldwide leading athletic footwear brands. Technical running, soccer, basketball, cross-training, tennis, golf, badminton shoes are what we are good at.